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Wild Women Healers: Episode 1, Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

By Sharon Ruedeman:

Lindsay Mack, founder and creator of Tarot for the Wild Soul, is an amazing individual, healer, teacher, intuitive, and a funny, fiery Aries Queen. She’s a gift to the world of spirituality and brings a breath of fresh air to tarot knowledge and learning. Lindsay was the first person I thought of at the onset of my docu-series Wild Women Healers for two reasons: One because I just love her and am incredibly inspired by her work, and two because I was working with her at the time in a tarot mentorship program. I believe I was one of the last few people to get to work with her on a one-on-one basis, and for that I feel especially lucky.

So much gratitude and appreciation goes out from my heart to Lindsay’s, she was definitely one the first people to encourage my project and to inspire me to seek out and feature healers in a diverse and inclusive way. I remember the first time I attended one of Lindsay’s group tarot classes a million years ago at Maha Rose in Brooklyn; I thought to myself, “I am picking up what this lady is putting down.”

Over the years it’s been beautiful to watch Lindsay’s practice evolve and expand and become more and more intuitively guided. I’ve been a long-time listener of her podcast, which is an amazing free source of tarot guidance, lessons, as well as inspiration for social justice and wisdom. I’ve also taken a few of her online courses, which have been extremely learning and transformative experiences in their own right.

Suffice it to say, I was pumped when Lindsay said yes to being in Wild Women Healers. Probably a widely known fact if you follow her: she actually hates being in front of the camera. So despite her distaste for on-camera interactions, we had a blast filming this episode and am extremely appreciative of her willingness to be on camera for me and all of you.

A little behind the scene knowledge (Pop Up Video style): Lindsay was reciting most of A League of Their Own during the slow-mo hero shots featured in her video. I share this little tidbit with you because humor definitely has its holy place in the healing journey.

If you feel called to learn more about Lindsay, join her classes or listen to her podcast. You can find all that information on her website or follow her IG account @wildsoulhealing.


Sharon Ruedeman is an award-winning Brooklyn-based video editor, storyteller, healer, and witch and the creator of the docu-series WILD WOMEN HEALERS. When she’s not making video magic or casting spells, she’s most likely curled up next to her cat, Princess Peach, reading a good murder mystery.

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