Unique Gifts for the Holiday: Year Ahead Tarot Spread & Astrology Reading with the Spiritual Gayz!

By Elizabeth Gracen:

One of the best gifts that I gave myself for Christmas last season (I'm worth it, right?) was a Year Ahead consultation with my favorite Astrologer, Angel Lopez, and a Year Ahead Tarot reading with my wonderful guru, Brandon Alter, aka The Spiritual Gayz. I had never done that kind of thing before, but when January rolled around I was eager to sit down with two of my favorite fellas and talk to them about what the year might hold in store for me. Among other things, I found out that I was barreling toward my Second Saturn Return and that December was going to be a 5 of Pentacles month for moi. Both of these revelations caused me a bit of concern, but what's so great about The Spiritual Gayz is that they talk you through it and delve deep into the possibilities of how you can positively navigate the more challenging obstacles that might be on the horizon. Let's just say that I'm smack dab in the middle of that 5 of Pentacles month, and the unexpected stressors are certainly there, but I'm undaunted. Just like everyone else, I'm gonna get through this, and I can't wait for 2021!

That being said, since Flapper Press is highlighting eclectic gifts for the season with a focus on small businesses, I couldn't overlook one of the most unique gifts you could give that special someone. Why not buy them a Year Ahead reading with The Spiritual Gayz?

I reached out to Brandon and Angel to ask them about what courses, readings, and special events they have available for the holiday season.

Brandon Alter & Angel Lopez, aka The Spiritual Gayz!

EG: Hello, boys! Like almost everyone in the world, I’m so ready for 2020 to hit the bricks! One of the things that has kept me sane this past year is having the Spiritual Gayz as a touchstone for my worried mind and sometimes troubled spirit. Your courses, webinars, podcasts, and personal readings have really helped me—and so many others—get through this mad year. I want to tout whatever you both are offering because I truly believe that a 2021 Year Ahead Tarot spread and Astrological reading make the perfect, eclectic gift for someone special. Please tell our readers all about what The Spiritual Gayz are doing and how we can join in on the fun.

SG: We are building a community of seekers who want to explore themselves through the Tarot, Astrology, and many other forms of mysticism. This year, we started bi-weekly Breathwork circles, we host a monthly Astro Club, and next year we will continue teaching our in-depth Tarot and Astrology courses.