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Unique Holiday Gifts: Love Light Gems

By Elizabeth Gracen:

With the holidays upon us and a myriad of gift-giving options to choose from, Flapper Press is proud to highlight a handful of eclectic offerings with a focus on small businesses with truly unique ideas for very special gifts this year.

Our first artisan is a Reiki healer and creator of Love Light Gems.

Please meet Cassandra Momah! @lovelightgems

EG: Cassandra, I simply love your gorgeous, mysterious Love Light Gems. Please tell our readers a little bit about how you became a Reiki healer and decided to work with energy-infused crystals.

CM: My journey towards Reiki healing and working with crystals actually found me in a way. I used to live in Paris, France, for several years, and I clearly remember the day I came across a beautiful crystal shop in the city. The owner had the biggest variety of crystals I had ever seen and also had a giant textbook about Bioenergetic Lithotherapy. In this book, there was so much information on bioenergetics, the chakra system, and the healing properties of each crystal. I intuitively picked up a crystal in the shop, which was citrine, and decided to read a passage about it in the textbook. The passage was so spot on that I immediately bought the whole textbook and began reading. I took it everywhere I went and practiced healing exercises and applied the information that I had learned on all of my friends. I was hooked!

When it came to Reiki, my journey with crystals really paved the way for my passion in the healing arts, as well as my self-development. I had always been a spiritual person, but it wasn't until I began to work with crystals and receive Reiki sessions for my own healing that I wanted to explore my healing abilities. I also had a profound experience where I was given even more hints to explore my own Reiki energy and to become a practitioner.

EG: What is so special about lithotherapy, and how it is used for healing?

CM: Bioenergetic Lithotherapy is the study of the effects of stones and crystals on the energetic body: the chakra system, auras, etc. It is also the emphasis of using crystals as a form of therapy to heal on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

There are many ways in which we can use crystals for healing. One of the most beneficial ways is to hold them in your hands during meditations, times of relaxation, or moments of free-time. Human beings absorb energy quite quickly through the centers in our hands. We can also benefit by wearing healing stones as jewelry, in our pockets, and even place them on our desk or nightstand. Crystals can heal our surrounding environment and can be placed in our living spaces, gardens, etc.

EG: I’m familiar with the chakra system, but can you share the basics—sort of Chakra 101? How do these crystals work with the chakra system?


CM: Yes of course! We actually have more than the traditional seven chakras in the body. In Bioenergetic Lithotherapy, we have eleven main chakras and even more subtle energy centers beyond that. But for today I will cover eleven and start from the bottom and make my way up.

Bordeaux Chakra: located at the knees, this chakra represents our relationship with family, ancestry, heritage, and incarnation.

Root Chakra: at the base of the spine, this chakra represents our security, money, stability, relationship to the mother as well as being grounded on Mother Earth.

Sacral Chakra: located around the genitals, this is our dance chakra, it represents our relationship to our body, movement, sexuality, creativity, joy, and the inner child.

Solar Plexus: found in the center of the abdomen, this chakra is all about self-confidence, setting boundaries, self-autonomy, strength, courage, freedom to act, and power.

Pistachio Chakra: located in the upper abdomen right below the heart, this chakra is about emotional processing, digestion, tolerance, patience, emotional transformation, and the capacity to integrate the emotions of others.

Heart Chakra: located at the heart’s center, this is all about compassion, healing, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, love, and self-love.

Turquoise Chakra: which is located at the collar bones and shoulders, is our non-verbal communication, empathy, animal and plant communication, emotional expression, understanding others and ourselves.

Throat Chakra: is our verbal communication, identity, authenticity, ability to make choices, and self-expression.

Third Eye Chakra: located in between the eyes, this is our intelligence, clairvoyance, learning, imagination, and visualization.

Crown Chakra: found at the top of our head, this chakra represents unity, spirituality, authority, relationship to the father, consciousness, and wisdom.

Magenta Chakra: located about one foot above the head, the magenta chakra represents our power to transform ourselves and others, mystical experiences, spiritual transformation, inspiration, and paradigm shifts.

Each stone emits a specific vibration, which is called a signature vibration. Each signature vibration holds specific characteristics and traits that open up specific chakras in the body. When our energetic system comes into contact with crystals, there is a harmonious effect that takes place. The two vibrating systems, our energetic system and the crystal’s signature vibration, produce a resonance effect, meaning our energetic and physical body absorb the healing vibration, and we become one with its energy.

EG: What goes into preparing a piece to offer on your site? What kind of results can someone expect when they purchase an infused crystal?

CM: I prepare the crystals by first energetically cleansing them; this can be done through water, sunlight, moonlight, or burying the crystal in the Earth’s soil. I personally love using water and/or sunlight. Some crystals are water or sun sensitive, so I use the method that best works with each stone. After the crystals are cleansed, I infuse them with Reiki energy. Reiki is universal life-force energy, meaning positive healing energy. Reiki brings life force to the crystals, which augments its healing energy.

As we all translate energy differently, one may be able to physically feel the energy of their crystals in their body while another can just feel a strong connection to them. Others can perceive through visions, sensations, and even taste. The healing works just the same, and truly depends on the individual.

As far as healing results, we can expect to see changes depending on how often we use our crystal and also the size of our blockage. If the blockage is quite small, sometimes one can see changes within a few days to a couple of weeks. If the blockage is quite strong or has persisted for quite some time, it may take a bit longer. However, it really depends on the individual and your relationship with your stone; meaning if you can meditate or consistently dedicate a time to relax with your stone daily or a few times a week, the results can be quite astonishing.

If you’d like to know which crystal is best for your energy, I offer bioenergetic scans and crystal consultations. These consists of scanning the body for blockages or stagnations and finding the stone(s) that best unblocks the detected chakras.

EG: Besides being exquisite to look at and being such a unique gift, why do you think an infused-energy crystal is a great consideration for this gift-giving season?

CM: Healing crystals are wonderful teachers and beautiful guides. They reconnect us to our innate ability to heal ourselves, which I find to be incredibly uplifting and reassuring. Crystals are beautiful reminders to appreciate the wonderful things in life and the amazing gifts of Mother Earth!

EG: Thank you sharing your work. We are thrilled to promote what you are doing. The world is in need of so much healing! Please tell our readers where they can find your pieces. Happy holidays!

CM: You can shop at @lovelightgems on Instagram, where you can purchase crystals in real-time during the Live Sales. They are a fun way to learn about the healing properties of crystals, ask questions, and win a few giveaways.

I also have an Etsy shop for those who also prefer to purchase pieces this way.

Thank you so much for having me and happy holidays as well!

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