Twelve Gaming Gripes of Christmas: Pt. Three

By Daniel Shaw:

This is supposed to be a jolly time of year, and yet here I am feeling more like a disgruntled onlooker of Black Friday lunacy. I suppose I have no else to blame for this but myself. I started this list as a fun little exercise; almost like therapy. I’m sure I’ve come close to giving myself a dang concussion from the amount of head banging on my keyboard. Like ol’ Ebenezer, I’m being haunted by a legion of hobgoblins that are my own creation. But this is it. The big ones. These may not bring the game to a screeching halt or seem like such a big deal at first, but as anyone who’s underestimated a Carolina reaper will tell you: just wait . . . just wait.

Here are my final four Gaming Gripes of Christmas!!!!