“Together we can rule the galaxy as father and son” Or “Do you really need to be evil to succeed?”

By Eric Schumacher:

He was 18 years old, and here he was standing outside of a nightclub having been talked into trying to fake his way inside, even though he was underage.

“When you get to the door, just pretend that you lost your ID. Tell them you’re 21 years old. You look older than me, for crying out loud. You’re an actor, you can pull it off,” said Hank, his 21-year-old friend who’d promised that this would be an exciting night of meeting attractive, sophisticated women and dancing with them, drinking, and maybe even a one-night stand if someone likes you enough.

In addition to his full, rich mustache, the 18 year old had a general demeanor that seemed out of place in an 18 year old. In fact, no one ever believed him when he said he was only 18. This should be easy, and untold wonders lay on the other side of the door to the nightclub, just past the huge, very tough-looking bouncer.

His friends presented their IDs (one of which was fake), and their hands were stamped. His friends looked at him expectantly from the threshold of the night club. He looked into the eyes of the very mean-looking bouncer, who glared back. The 18 year old opened his wallet, ready to feign surprise that this ID was missing.

He couldn’t do it.

“I’m 18,” he blurted out to the bouncer as his friends gave him a horrified look. It seemed that there would be no exciting night and no one-night stand with a sophisticated woman for him. No drinking and dancing. In fact, by the way the bouncer was looking at him, it looked like he might be about to experience a whole new world of hurt. . .

We’d all like to believe the world is a fair and safe place where good, honest hard work, being respectful, humble, and compassionate will lead us to success in life. What we see every day, however, is a continuous stream of high-profile, arrogant corporate moguls; corrupt politicians; dictators; gang leaders; con artists; hackers; out-of-control sports figures; and out of touch with reality, reality TV stars doing a series of the most horrible things for which there seem to be no consequences. In fact, they actually seem to get pretty much everything they want in life.

They even seem to have better clothes. I mean, in Star Wars, look at the stormtroopers versus the rebel soldiers; the Empire’s stylin’!

So do you have to be a total dirt bag in order have even the tiniest bit of success in life?

Maybe not.