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The Cutest Wishes Ever Made

By Catherine Bares:

Thanksgiving Day

Despite the messy results, part of my family duties at Thanksgiving is carving the turkey. Undeniably, it's usually an uneventful part of my day. This time, I encountered two curious girls who would turn it into an experience that I felt compelled to share.


Armed with an electric knife and coupled with my blue crab apron, I went to work on that turkey. Curiosity took over a little girl and as a result, compelled her to stop and ask me, "What are you doing?" It appeared she lost interest quickly when she turned and ran off. Although it surprised me, she returned quickly with her cousin who was just as cute and curious.

They watched me as I cut the turkey and asked questions, one of which was "Can I have a piece?" With a smile, I said sure and handed them each a piece. My beautiful adult niece was helping me and adding to the cuteness of the moment. Surprisingly, she shared the same first name with one of the little girls, which piqued her interest.

Making a Wish

Upon deboning the turkey, I reached the wishbone. At that instant, I held up the bone and asked the girls if they wanted to make a wish. The look on their faces clearly expressed they had not heard of the wishbone before. The look said something like, "I am not touching that thing."

Their parents have gathered around us to see what the girls were up to. I began to tell them about the wishbone tradition and watched their expressions change despite their first reaction. So, they each grabbed a side of the bone and went silent, working on their wishes as their parents enjoyed the moment and took snapshots.

Well, turkey bones aren't quite as giving as chicken bones, so we had a disappointing outcome. I assured them that it was okay and that it meant both wishes would come true. A few moments later, when it was just the four of us again, I asked them what they wished for. One immediately said she wished for butterflies, which I thought was one of the sweetest wishes I had ever heard. Then I asked the second little girl what she had wished for, and she said, "I wished that I will have a friend forever." At this point, me and my niece looked at each and simultaneously let out an "AWWWW" and then we both laughed.

Adult Wishes Put into Perspective

That sweet moment made us put our adult wishes into perspective. I forget how simplicity can be so joyful. Yes, I walked around and shared that story all day. I hope you enjoyed reading about it.


Catherine Bares is a blogger, wife, mother, grandmother, Profit Coach & Trainer in the A/C and Heating Industry, and Group Fitness instructor residing in Southern Louisiana. Her mission is to be a source of inspiration for self-improvement for others to live a happier and healthier life.

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