Tarotscopes, June 2019

By Brandon Alter:

The Zodiac is a progression. The signs, while separate, bleed into each other and support each other toward our own collective evolution. Aries becomes Taurus, which becomes Gemini. Each sign is a building block toward the next. It’s important to remember that you are NOT just a jumble of planets and placements—you are the whole of the heavens at the moment of your birth. And your job here on planet Earth is to figure out how to embody the unique constellation of cosmic energies that make up who you are.

At its core, Astrology is a language that helps us understand why we are the way we are. It is a tool to assist us in the act of radical self acceptance. There are no good signs or bad. There are no better planetary placements than others. Sure, there are differences and challenges, but that’s what makes life exciting. The more you learn about Astrology, the more you learn about yourself. And one of the most powerful gifts Astrology gives us is a means to fully respect and accept ourselves EXACTLY as we are. Your unique birth chart illuminates how you are hardwired so that you can stop working against yourself and start honoring your individual way of doing things. Astrology isn’t an excuse—you can’t blame bad behavior on the heavens—but it is an explanation. And oftentimes, once we understand our tendencies and leanings, we can more gracefully integrate them.

Why am I giving you this mini lecture? Because Gemini season is a particularly interesting progression in the Zodiac. But we need to remember how we got here. So let’s go back in time, just a few months, to the start of Aries season. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries can be self-obsessed, but not necessarily in a bad way. They are here to figure out the answer to the question "WHO AM I?" Next comes Taurus, who are here to integrate the lesson of Aries through answering the question "WHERE AM I?" You can’t just know who you are, you must know where you are (or else you will never know what you stand for). Taurus, through discovering relationships with their environment, can begin to create their values.

Then comes Gemini. They know WHO they are; they know WHERE they are. But the bulk of their life’s journey is to live the question "WHY AM I?" I know that’s a huge question, but perhaps you now understand why Gemini can feel a little heady. They are the first air sign of the Zodiac, meaning they rule over the mental realms and the big ideas, conversations and connections held within it. They are the seekers of personal truth, which is how Gemini Season becomes our opportunity to reconnect to the big WHY of our life. Why are you living in the city you are living in? Why are you pursuing the career you are pursuing? Why are you dating this person or reading this book or eating at this restaurant? It’s not about nit-picking every decision you make, rather it’s about making sure every decision you make has a clear path back to the deeper WHY of your existence.

This is an exciting time to begin to probe more profoundly into your purpose and your passions. And it’s not unusual that our motivations change as we get older and wiser. Is the current why of your life still resonating for you? Is it inspiring you to wake up in the morning and do your best? Maybe you’ve never taken the time to really ponder it. Maybe you have, and it’s time for an upgrade—or at least put a new outfit on the same old why. The good news is that the energy of Gemini Season is social as hell. You’re not supposed to be asking these questions alone in the dark of your own mind; you’re supposed to ask it amongst friends. Get chatty, start to exchange ideas, to have meaningful conversations, to marinate in these big ideas. Remember that Gemini is commonly known as the sign of the twins, which speaks to our own inherent duality. We are all mirrors for each other. So if you are struggling with your BIG WHY, perhaps a trusted friend or lover could help reflect you back to yourself. Sometimes we need someone outside our own head to help us see things clearly.  

The New Moon in Gemini, which happens in the pre-dawn hours today (Monday, June 3rd), is your opportunity to seduce this new WHY into your heart. You’re not looking for the WHY that will make everybody like you, you’re not even looking for the why that will make you like yourself. What you’re looking for is power. What story do you need to tell yourself to get you motivated and moving on your real purpose? That’s the point of this. It’s not some mental gymnastics; it’s a search for your lost personal power. But don’t panic (I can feel you panicking), you have time. If you’re not ready to commit (which is soooo Gemini, btw), don’t sweat it! This New Moon portal is like a closet full of BIG WHYS and you can try them all on, see how they feel. If the why doesn’t have you feeling your oats, then honey child, it’s not the why for you.

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