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Tarotoscopes with Brandon Alter: September 2019

By Brandon Alter:

Hello, Queers and Queens and Allies of the New World Order. Virgo Season is here, and she means business.

Who is Virgo? She’s the Goddess of the Harvest, the Healer of the Zodiac. Virgo energy is all about alignment, hard work, and being of service. 

Lady Virgo isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, to focus on the smallest of details without ever losing sight of the whole. It’s a sign that is very much connected to the here and now, the present moment and all that it contains. The opposite sign to Virgo is Pisces, which is much more consumed with the invisible world, the esoteric, the dreamland. But remember that each sign contains its opposite. Virgo reminds us that the magic of the spirit world is contained here—in the dirt, the leaves, the fundamental building blocks of our physical reality.

Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign of the cosmos. Mutable meaning changeable because this is the season between seasons—not quite Fall but no longer Summer. This is an Earth sign that knows how to change it up based on what is needed in the moment. And I think we can all benefit from this medicine. Changeable Earth is exactly what we are faced with right now. We need to change how we relate to this planet before it’s too late. Hear me when I say: it’s not too late to change. We are not beyond the point of no return. I think some of us wish we were so that we could throw up our hands and say, "Well, too bad—let’s enjoy what’s left of humanity while we have it." But that’s just fear talking. Now is not the time to shrink in fear. Now is the time to expand with action. And Virgo energy can take action with the best of them.

As the healer of the Zodiac, Virgo Season brings awareness to where healing is needed in our own lives. And yeah, duh, the planet is part of that. Healing yourself heals the world, too. If we ignore our own deep wounds and all continue to run around broken and distracted, then we are powerless to help anything else. Look at all the broken men in positions of power around our globe. Their inner landscapes are so ravaged and wounded that all they can do is cultivate an outer landscape to mirror their inner one.  

What does it mean to pursue healing? It means having the courage to face yourself, day after day, and notice where you are still in pain. It means traveling into the past, confronting your trauma, reconciling it and moving forward with a newfound understanding and freedom. We have to heal in order to create the space for a new vision to emerge. For example, if Daddy Issues are still your operating program, there’s no way you’ll be able to run a new app of abundance and trust until you clear that shit from your hard drive. You feel me? And maybe, just maybe, that’s what’s happening for all of us collectively. We are seeing the shadows of our time in order to free them. We are being forced to feel them in order to heal them. Then, and only then, can we move the fuck on.

We can’t afford to dwell in the darkness. That only creates more of the same. We can’t allow ourselves to get bogged down. The means of making any change is to talk about the new program. Build with your words. Be impeccable about them. Virgos have a reputation for being perfectionists—fine, use that energy. Be perfect with your words. Be perfect in how you communicate to yourself. That will grow into perfection with others.  

Talk isn’t cheap, babies. Speaking power to your visions is how we grow your visions. Talk about your sobriety, your dream relationship, your sustainable garden, your new business venture, your screenplay, your intention for your life. And keep talking about it. With everyone, gurl. Never stop talking about it. Make them know your vision, inside and out. That’s when it’ll start to manifest. Words have so much power. If we speak to the future we want to inhabit, eventually we will be living in it. Don’t forget words. Don’t underestimate them. The words are how we build. First we build things in our mind, then the world.  

If it seems like I’m really harping on healing and words then congratulations, you’ve been paying attention. You see, Virgo has two ruling planets. One is Mercury, who rules over our minds, our words, and all things communication. That’s the traditional planet associated with this sign. But back in the late 70’s, another planet became associated with Virgo and that is the planet Chiron . . . which isn’t so much a planet as an asteroid who travels between Saturn and Uranus in an unusual orbit. In Astrology, planets take on meanings that speak to the time during which they are discovered. For example, Pluto was discovered in the thirties, during the depression. That informed its rulership of deep soul transformation. Chiron’s late-seventies discovery occurred during an explosion of “new-age” healing modalities and the intense awareness of psychological wounds that needed tending. Therefore, we connect Chiron with the archetype of the wounded healer and everything that goes along with it.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chiron, my husband and I devoted a whole episode to this curious astral body in our podcast The Spiritual Gayz.  We have tons of episodes on astrology but also on Tarot and Shamanism and magic, not to mention fascinating interviews with groovy cosmic queers like actress/writer Lena Waithe, visionary artist and Tarot deck designer James R. Eads, and beauty/make-up expert Lijha Stewart. If you’ve been looking to expand your spiritual horizons in an accessible way, look no further!

Virgo energy combines the planetary forces of both Mercury and Chiron to deliver healing through harvesting our pain. We can only heal in others what we have healed in ourselves. We can only lead where we have followed. You would do well to accept that your personal traumas were perfectly selected for you in order to wake you up to your own powers of healing. If we can talk about the wound and then enter into the wound, at its deepest most painful point lies the cure.  

The New Moon in Virgo (which occurs Friday morning at 3:37 A.M., Pacific Standard Time) is a perfect portal into healing; it's an astrological opening when you can wash yourself clean. The message this New Moon has is one of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the bedrock of healing, and this New Moon can help you forgive yourself for the past. There's no shame in your journey. It led you here. And if you can begin the process of your deeper healing today, a year from now you'll be so glad you started. How? You have to feel it to heal it, babies. That’s the secret to how you become a healer. And I want to let you in on another little secret: you are already a healer. Yes. You are. When you cut yourself, what happens to your skin? It regenerates. Your heart and your spirit are no different. To be a healer means you believe in the regenerative properties of life and you’re willing to encourage those forces in others. But you can start with yourself. You must. 

In the interest of Virgo season, I am doing something I don’t usually do, which is offer a little discount for one-on-one healings. I am committed to being of service, especially to my Queer brothers and sisters, my spiritual seekers, my wounded weirdos. I want to help you move forward on your path and start to bring your unique gifts to the world. Whether it’s Shamanic Healing, Tarot, Breathwork/Energy Healing, Reiki, all my services will be discounted 15% for the whole of Virgo Season. Use the code VIRGOHEALING and the discount will be applied at checkout. Sessions can be done in person here in Los Angeles or remotely. Yes! The magic works wherever in the world you are—at this time, the only session that has to happen in person is Shamanic Healing due to the nature of the work.

You may have noticed I’m not longer pulling a collective card for these moonthly Tarotscopes. That’s because I’m pulling a card for the collective card every week and doing a little video reading. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find these videos on my stories every Thursday. But you can also find them on The Spiritual Gayz Youtube page! Alright, enough about me, let’s get to your messages.  


Below you’ll find your individual Tarotscopes.  

Read for your SUN and your MOON . . . and if you don’t know your moon, look it up, henny, that’s part of your personal power waiting to be claimed!

Your readings are courtesy of the Shining Tribe Tarot by Rachel Pollack. Rachel is one of the most intuitive, innovative, and educated Tarot scholars out there. She created this deck after many years of study and experience, and it’s truly sublime. However, it can be a little confusing as she renamed the suits. To make things easier, I have written her name for the card first followed by its more traditional nomenclature.



9 of Trees/Wands

The road is made by walking it. Even with a clear destination in sight, the journey to get there can be surprising. The Nine of Wands speaks to the long pilgrimage one must attend in the pursuit of sacred dreams. In the Tarot, Nines represent a completion, a leveling-up of the suit. Wands speak to the fundamental things in our life that spark (i.e. our sexuality, spirituality, and most importantly our vital energy). The Nine of Wands is where you come to understand exactly what this goal will cost you.

It can be a period of overwhelming, especially if you seek instant gratification.  But worry not, this card signifies that you are on the right path and you will achieve your aims so long as you walk your road one step at a time. Speaking practically, just do one thing every day that gets you closer. Don’t expect overnight success. And make sure that you are approaching your end goals in a sustainable way. Too many late nights and early mornings can dampen your own personal power. And the Nine of Wands wants to teach you how to gather up power as you bring your dreams to life, not exhaust yourself before the finish line.

It’s a cliche but it holds true, the point of the journey is the journey—not the destination.  Make sure you are enjoying each moment of your manifestation. Self-sabotage comes in many forms, but the most insidious is in delaying our satisfaction. Receive your progress. Even inching forward is still an advancement. Don’t diminish your accomplishments just because you haven’t gotten the book published or sold the house—you will, when the time is right. Your secret weapon is making sure you are energized and activated when that divine timing approaches.



5 of Rivers/Cups (Reversed)

I’m going to give it to you straight up, sweet Libra: the Five of Cups is the grief card. It is a necessary contraction of the heart. If you can fully step into it, it brings the gift of acceptance. It will clear out whatever stuck sadness has been clogging the chambers of your heart. The good news is that this card came in upside down, which lessens the pain of the letting go. We could think of this as a soft grief, a welcome grief, the cry that feels so good to release.

Where we don’t allow ourselves to feel the truth of our pain, we literally stop our lives from moving forward. Perhaps before you can take the next step on your path, you need to lighten your load. Are there dreams that have long since passed their expiration date? Are you still holding on to them tightly? What about some relationships? Are you keeping a secret candle lit for a former lover that you know is just no good? Time to take these sorrows to the river; time to wash yourself clean.

What follows the Five of Cups is the Six of Cups. The Six of Cups is an expansion of the heart, a deeper, sweeter healing. You are being prepared for that. You are being wrung out, swept clear, so that a new, purer feeling can enter into your heart. Consider that we can only experience joy to the same degree that we allow ourselves to experience despair. When you numb out on one end, you actually numb out on the other—whether you want to or not. Surrender to the river of year heart, Libra. Let it take you where you need to go. Grief reminds us that we are alive, that we have a bottomless heart and deep reservoirs of emotion. And while it isn’t always pleasant to plumb the depths and release them, it is always beautiful.