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SUSPENSE—Episode 22: Behind Every Great Man

By John C. Alsedek:

One of our lighter episodes (at least until the end!), it stars a new voice to SUSPENSE. Brett is a producer by trade but has done a bit of acting as well and does a fine turn here. And it’s hilarious to hear Adrienne (who normally plays more sultry roles) go full-on shrew!

Episode 22: "Behind Every Great Man" Stars Brett Thompson, Adrienne Wilkinson, Dana Perry-Hayes, and Daamen Krall

When a nebbish volunteers to test a fully computerized home, he soon finds that it is willing to assist with every facet of his life—though sometimes just a bit too literally.

Written especially for SUSPENSE by John C. Alsedek & Dana Perry-Hayes.


SUSPENSE writer, producer, and radio-drama aficionado John C. Alsedek shares the history of early radio and television and the impact it has made on the world of entertainment in his ongoing series for Flapper Press.

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