Summer Spelt Salad with Feta and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

By Ippolita Douglas Scotti:

During the summer, I love to prepare fresh and healthy dishes that are quick and easy to make. Today for lunch I decided on a light and tasty recipe with a unique Mediterranean flavor.

Spelt is an ancient cereal that Romans have used every day for centuries. If you can't find spelt or run out of it, this delicious recipe can be made with rice, cold short pasta, or barley.

Feta is a salty goat cheese that reminds me immediately of Greece. I simply adore it!

Oregano, olive, and caper berries are symbols of Sicilian tradition.

Pomegranate seeds are so cute and vibrant, full of antioxidants and very common in Persian cookery.

Together, these ingredients make a fantastic combination!

The amount of ingredients in this recipe serve 3 or 4 persons, depending on how hungry you are, but even the leftovers are very good the day after—maybe even better because all the flavors have time to blend perfectly together. Just drizzle your summer salad with a bit of extra oil and your dish will be delicious!

Summer Spelt Salad