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Spicy & Healthy Ginger

By Ippolita Douglas Scotti:

When I’m writing a cookbook, such as Turmeric and Ginger, I do a lot of research and experiments with the recipes I write. I always adore learning something new and trying new recipes with ingredients that do not belong to my traditional Italian way of cooking.

After falling in love with turmeric, I decided that it was time for ginger—another spice with healing properties!

Ginger is a rhizome with many virtues: it is an excellent eupeptic and antiemetic and has antioxidant, detoxifying, stimulating, and anti-inflammatory properties against headache and nausea.

The most common use of this spice, with its characteristic flavor, is in the kitchen. Like turmeric, it is an indispensable ingredient for curry and is widely used alone in all Asian cuisine.

This spicy root has a unique taste and a lot of personality. It even enhances the flavor of the typical classic Italian bruschetta. I dared this fusion between Italian and Asian cooking, and the result is fresh and tasty.



1 inch (3 cm) fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped

4 plum tomatoes, diced

1/3 cup fresh basil, chopped

1 tbs lime juice

1 tbs extra-virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper

Baguette sliced to desired thickness

Finely chop the ginger and tomato, place on top of a toasted slice of bread, drizzle with oil and lime, add salt, pepper, and basil, and serve.

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