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Numerology Forecast with Maria Beale Fletcher: December 2019

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

Imagine, if you will, a birthday party thrown for all those "old" celebrities born the last month of the year. The entertainment for the night might feature such notables born December 1 as Bette Midler (singer, film actress, comedienne, film producer) heading the list, followed by the ghost of Richard Pryor (comedian, film actor), the ghost of Lou Rawls (singer, songwriter, actor, entertainer, voice actor, record producer), John Paul Densmore (musician, songwriter, author, actor, rock drummer, The Doors), Jaco Pastorius' ghost (jazz-fusion bassist), Dianne Lennon (singer, Lennon Sisters), and Woody Allen (film and stage actor, writer, director, producer, musician).

Director in charge of the show and creator of the night's extravaganza entertainment could be December 1 birthday girl Connie Booth, British actress, writer (TV's Fawlty Towers, Monty Python and the Holy Grail) and psychotherapist! Imagine the musical Connie Booth may have written for the above-mentioned December 1 birthday girls and boys in which she has strategically incorporated their acting, musical, singing, and dancing gifts throughout! The show would blow us away! As a December 1 birthday girl and psychotherapist, she would know how to bring out the best in each of the vibrant, extroverted, and energetic personalities listed.

The energies of the December 1 birthdays set the tone for the entire last month of 2019. Each of these highly original personalities reveals a mature adult purposefully asserting an individualistic position. The self-reliant Sagittarius man and woman, boy and girl, acts according to their own code of behavior. Always.

These December individuals will not be constrained! Their philosophy is that life experience is the greatest and finest teacher of the lessons we need to learn; most do not choose a formal education for just that reason. Fun loving as they are, the main focus of their lives may be family get-togethers, community events, and time spent with friends. 

At the other end of the December spectrum, we find those individuals, the Capricorns, who excel at leadership and being the boss! Recall the strong personalities of Anthony Hopkins (Welsh-American actor, producer), Diane von Furstenberg (fashion designer, entrepreneur), Donna Summer (disco and pop singer), Frances Steloff (Gotham Book Mart founder, haven for artists, opposed censorship), and Elizabeth Arden (entrepreneur, beauty salon chain, cosmetic products), all of whose birthdays fall on December 31. These powerful men and women were born to make the rules!

Sagittarius and Capricorn December birthday members are determined to change their world one way or another. From Bette Midler and Connie Booth to Jane Fonda (actress, writer, producer, entrepreneur, born December 21) and Marlene Dietrich (singer, actress, film star, born December 27), their philosophy is the proverbial "writing on the wall" which says, "My way, always, for revolutionary new ways of creatively living and working in this world." 

As your read your forecast below, think about your own strong personality and what you might share with some of these notable names. As they've shared their gifts with the world, think about what you are sharing in this season of giving and focus your dynamic, brilliant light for the world to see.

December by the Numbers:

# 1

Number 1, you are out there in first place again, ahead of the crowd, with plenty of time to build a unique infrastructure for your followers to learn and use. Your highly original process continues to be praised for the wonderful results it garners.

This miraculous month establishes your talent for healing and making dreams come true. This December, you create memories of joyful experiences with friends, family, and business associates. Gifts arrive in a timely fashion to help you achieve your goals while also nurturing your soul and reminding you that you are indeed treasured by so many.

Your nightly dreams this month will be quite remarkable, though you'll share them with very few. On a daily basis, you will bless others with your sympathetic understanding of their pain and suffering. And yet, you shrink from prying questions, preferring to keep your own counsel.

Love is a two way street; what you give, you also receive. Now you have a marvelous opportunity to welcome gifts of love from those who want to share their abundance with you. There is nothing to feel guilty about and everything to feel grateful for.


# 2

Number 2, this December finds you intuitively ahead of the game (as always) while anticipating the inevitable travel that will keep you on your toes and ready to go on a moment's notice.

You will shine as the Belle of the Ball or as Prince Charming! Who knew you could be the one celebrated as the most brilliant communicator on the planet? You knew, that's who!

Be flexible while selecting wisely the path you walk. There are many paths from which to choose. Think through each possibility to its natural conclusion. Guard against impulsivity while remaining spontaneous; you can do it, others have.

And this December, you are in the driver's seat. What fun to be able to call all the shots! Communication, movement, and versatility serve as the magic words to get you through this monumental time in your life.

Though you're at the top of your game intellectually, don't hesitate to acknowledge your feelings and intuition. Be prepared to follow your heart this month as you prepare for January 2020.


# 3

Number 3, you are the epitome of creativity this December. Loving your independence as you do allows you to honor your need to base every action you take upon the foundation of a great ideal. Nothing less than the truth will do while communicating as only you can. Be careful about being too blunt so as not to hurt others needlessly. There may be softer words to speak your truth.

Travel is absolutely necessary as you look in on family and friends near and far. Your community reaches out to you, intensifying your desire to serve them in whatever capacity they require.

While loving your tribe this month, be aware of those who only want to take from you. Not everyone cares to reciprocate in kind; they will use up your energy if you let them! Don't let them! Marriage and family works for you only when freedom is mutually honored. Duties and responsibilities keep you busy as you make your rounds.

Your optimism is especially contagious this December. Stay energized with some gentle yoga and walks in Nature with your precious animals. Your family and friends cherish you this month especially.


# 4

Number 4, these 31 days of December will find you kicking up your heels with joy as your friends gather round to celebrate the new choices you've recently made in your life! Your wonderful new outlook inspires all who know you. With the uncanny ability to create whatever your mind conceives, believing that you can, you do!

As shocking as your actions may appear to strangers, your close friends and family know that your personality sometimes just likes to shock others because you get away with it so easily! They are accepting of all your idiosyncratic antics. They also know you often daydream, creating the future for yourself in your mind. Your ideas are way ahead of others, progressive as you are.

If you want to truly enjoy this last month of 2019, please remember to do a few simple things for yourself. Be sure to grab a nap every day, or several days a week, to restore your energy. Also, frequently sit in silence for a few minutes every 24 hours to clear your mind.


# 5

Number 5, December is all about managing your personal and professional life as you would a successful business. That means you must have a clear intention of what you want to achieve over the next 31 days and going into the year 2020. Stay flexible, you may need to travel this month!

Your natural charm will take you far in the direction of your goals. There's a strong tendency to overanalyze people and relationships. Nothing escapes your notice, as you truly are mentally alert. It will also serve you to remember that negative criticism never works. Remember to not get carried away in negativity, for if you do, you will ruin those relationships you treasure most. Instead, let your instincts and feelings lead the way. You can't go wrong if you follow your heart.

This is the moment to hone your leadership skills and communicate with the positive, clear intention of one who is sending love and goodwill to everyone you meet. Your new ideas will thrive as long as you stay the course of the outcomes you desire.

# 6

Number 6, love and romance is in the air this December. Your friends, family, and fans are loving your company as you share your concerns for their health and well being. But please remember to reserve some of that nurturing energy for your own emotional and physical health. You can't give what you don't have! If you haven't loved yourself enough to care for yourself, you won't have the energy necessary to give to others in all the beautiful ways that only you can do!

The humanitarian within you rarely lets your tribe down in their expectations. Perhaps it's time to let them know you need a moment to heal yourself first. Your friends know they can count on you to come from your heart and soul. This month, you are more direct than usual. That's a good thing!

As friends and family take turns pouring out their troubles to your willing ear, remember to settle disputes when you've first had a chance to calm your emotions. Then, perhaps when you're well rested and have enjoyed a walk in Nature with your favorite four-legged critters, you can soothe the troubled soul who has reached out to you for the loving counsel that you always give.


# 7

Number 7, this December finds you out in front where your original ideas and unique attitude take center stage! While there, with the spotlight on your magnificent being, your presence magically has a soothing, calming effect on your audience of one or one thousand or more!

Be sure to stay grounded and centered as you lead in a direction never before chosen. The beaten path will not be your avenue of choice.

Your gifts of intuition and clairvoyance have a great influence over those who would follow your lead. They sense your process is divinely directed as you follow your instincts in the most creative ways.

Do not be anxious about the future, as you go about living in the present moment. If you honor your heart and soul, you will surely create the foundation for a successful infrastructure to support your goals.

As you continue your work this month, you are laying the foundation for January 2020, when your personal and professional ambitions will manifest in truly amazing ways.


# 8

Number 8, be prepared to be inundated with so many original ideas this December that your head spins! As a talented CEO, you are no stranger to dreaming up new ways of managing things and people. Keeping in mind the fact that people want to be led and not managed, you are indeed inspired by the Visionary within as you contemplate all the different options at hand.

Be discerning as you carefully select the best idea to implement. If you carefully research the consequences of the outcomes of the several ideas you are examining, do not become distracted by one that appears glittering from left field. Remember the cliche, "All that glitters is not gold!" Instead, continue with your careful scrutiny, choosing the idea that stands the test of your intuition.

This last month of 2019, be prepared to travel and communicate your great idea to all those who can expect to benefit from its implementation. As you continue to lead the way, remember to choose carefully the risks you take to arrive at your destination.


# 9

Number 9, this December finds you filled with anticipation, much like a child feels while impatiently awaiting Christmas morning. The anticipation of freedom of speech and telling your truth to all who will hear excites your imagination as you share your convictions with those you love.

As a natural counselor, you have the ability to get to the heart of the situation, saving time for all concerned. Your optimism is contagious as you imagine innovative ways to continue your education while traveling.

Always the wise philosopher, your truth telling may need to be expressed in such a way that friends and family do not feel they are being verbally attacked in the process. Although guileless, your occasional bluntness of speech can be misunderstood, leaving you vulnerable to the manipulation of others.

If you remember to let your compassionate heart lead the way, your friends and associates will be more than willing to hear all that you have to say.


Maria Beale Fletcher is a professional numerologist who specializes in Chaldean Numerology. If you would like a private reading with Maria for your own personal numerological chart, please contact

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