Numerology Forecast—August, 2019

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

August 2019 debuts Wednesday, August 1. "Cutting to the chase" immediately, August means business, whether you do or not. These 31 days are not for the timid individuals who think they can sit on the sidelines watching the parade.

Everyone will be in the parade; businesswomen and men, singers, dancers, musicians playing their instruments, teachers, students, doctors, scientists, attorneys, politicians, including all those who have re-invented themselves. Nobody will be left out!

I take that back. There will be some who are left out, and that's a good thing!

The non-dreamers, with no imagination, will not be invited to participate in the August 2019 parade. 

Those who are inflicted with the losing way of thinking—i.e.,  the "We've always done it this way" mentality—will not even be invited to sit on the sidelines!

Not even the critics who

Are used to tearing it down,

Before it's got off the ground!

What a relief that will be,

When they're nowhere to be found!

Leaders, having organized their section of the parade, will have to be super energized with original ideas in order to keep up the pace. If they fall behind, there's no catching up, and their place at the head of their section will be filled immediately by someone else, an innovative disrupter!

Disrupters do their thing—turning everything on its head! Disrupting is what August 2019 will be remembered for. Disrupting with a purpose; not changing something just for the sake of change but re-inventing the processes so that more can be done with less.

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* Be aware on the "Stay Alert" days listed for your number.

Proceed with caution on these days. Try to avoid signing contracts, making a date,

or tough decisions on anything of true importance.

August, 2019 Numerological Forecast