Numerological Forecast by Maria Beale Fletcher: October 2019

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

Maybe it's because Librans seem to be forever balancing those scales they carry around that conjures up an image of the Protector and the Judge. In fact, for all their brilliance, Librans' criticism of others, if incessant, can undo all their good intentions. Achieving fairness is what is uppermost in their minds as we interact with them on a daily basis.

Fair play, justice for all, is the mantra or theme carried out their entire life on the world stage. Those born in October seem to have had their leadership roles cut out for them, stamped with their strong personalities with which they make their contributions to the world.

So impressive was the list of famous October birthdays I found it difficult to select only two for each day of the month. Each one appeared to be the civil rights leader of their generation. For example, Chester A. Arthur—our 21st President from 1881–1885, a lawyer and civil servant born October 5, 1829, to a Baptist preacher who had emigrated from Ireland—argued a case on behalf of fugitive slaves. When we consider the legacy of Jimmy Carter—our 39th President from 1977–1981, born October 1, 1924—we're reminded of his "Habitat For Humanity" work, and we see a preview of the contributions of what October represents.

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* Be aware on the "Stay Alert" days listed for your number. Proceed with caution on these days. Try to avoid signing contracts, making a date, or tough decisions on anything of true importance. Consider the other days of the month as your "Productive Days!"

"Perfectionist" that you are, Number 1, this October is your time to shine! Information, plus your intellect to communicate it in a meaningful way through your intricate network of business associates and fans, secures your leadership position. Be aware, however, that the antics of your innermost risk taker may drive some to question your ability to lead.

As you struggle to balance the evolving processes with your newly chiseled path, stay clear of the naysayers. You can quiet their voices by disciplining your tendency to become indecisive while giving in to procrastination.

Delegating responsibility to those more capable is a talent you can improve by using it more often!

Keep your bags packed and your calendar flexible. This month will see you out and about with a flare for socializing! Make sure the risks you take, and the friends you make, will secure the outcomes you desire!

Stay Alert Days: 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 21, 24, 26, 31