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Meet Artist Dawn Bengel

Updated: Jan 10

By Elizabeth Gracen:

Flapper Press is always looking to feature unique art and merchandise. If it has a hint of the "magical" then all the better. After discovering Dawn Bengel's beautiful Tree of Life pendants at mydivinesanctuary, we were thrilled that she agreed to let us bring attention to her work.

We sat down with Dawn to ask about her creations and the magic behind them.


EG: Dawn, welcome to Flapper Press! Being a huge tree hugger, my eye was immediately drawn to your lovely Tree of Life pendants, and we are so glad to feature them in our Flapper Press Shop. Please tell our readers a little bit about you.

DB: Thank you! I am thrilled to be here! I'm a tree hugging (literally), nature adoring, lover of life with a supportive partner, two amazing daughters, and a granddaughter that opened my eyes to a completely new level of love. I am blessed beyond measure in all aspects of my life and feel gratitude every day for it.

EG: Tell me more about the symbology of the Tree of Life and the materials that you use.

DB: The Tree of Life means various things in various cultures, but my intention when I create the pendants is that they symbolize rebirth, positive energy, new beginnings, and immortality. Probably my favorite aspect is that they remind me that you can't reach for the stars if you're not well-rooted.

Dawn Bengel,

EG: Your website has all sorts of lovely items. It looks like you also have a physical shop where you sell your work. How has the COVID crisis impacted your business?

DB: I was actually really blessed. In addition to Divine Sanctuary, I own ProTech Computers, where we sell and service Windows-based PCs. While I completely shut down Divine Sanctuary for 3 weeks to give all of my product a "breather" (I have a big collection of stones and everyone touches the stones), I was extremely busy helping people get functional computers in order to work and attend school from home. After 3 weeks of leaving all of my Divine Sanctuary products completely untouched, I felt comfortable offering curbside pickup for those clients. So I began taking web and phone orders for Divine Sanctuary. When our governor started opening the state again, I started allowing people to come back in and browse in person. My Divine Sanctuary store is set up in a corner of my computer store, which allows me to pursue both of those passions.

EG: I LOVE good luck charms and always wear an evil eye necklace. I love imbuing some of my own personal artwork with ritual and apotropaic energy. Tell me about the philosophy behind the items you create.

DB: I am an energy worker. Every item that I create is made with love, and love is poured into them. Beyond the Tree of Life pendants, I also make special-intention bracelets, immunity-boosting ACV, paw wax (protection for your dog's paws), anti-tick spray, smudge spray, spiritual/psychic protection bags, protection balls, AND I make all of the incense I sell. I have to be in the right state of mind when I create all the things I do because I know that how I'm feeling will affect the energy of the project I'm working on. I strive to keep my vibe high so that everything finds its rightful owner and the life of the recipient is improved and empowered by my products.

EG: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about yourself or your work? 

DB: My life mission is to help people heal and feel loved. I'm blessed to be able to do that from the practical aspect of repairing or selling them computers, honestly and inexpensively, but I also get to help them spiritually. It's a great joy for me that I'm able to do that. I host two Healing Circles every month on the New and Full Moons. I set up Facebook events so that people can join and I know to add them. It's a fully virtual and distant healing circle, so that wasn't adversely impacted in any way by COVID. I don't do anything "live" for those events. I get requests from people that they prefer to keep private, so I respect that and keep my circle work to myself and Divinity.


Dawn Bengel's Tree of Life Pendants are available for purchase on her website.

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