July Tarotscopes with Brandon Alter

By Brandon Alter:

Let’s take stock of where we’ve been, shall we? Aries energy taught us about action. Taurus Season taught us how to grow that action into something of value. Gemini is teaching us who we are as a result of those values and demanding that we speak up for them. Then comes Cancer, when we settle in and feel our progress so far. As the fourth sign of the Zodiac and our first water sign, Cancer Season signifies our first of three completions in the wheel of the year. The second completion is Scorpio Season, time of death and mystery. The final completion is the end of the Cosmic Wheel, Pisces Season, where we glimpse the collective unconscious and are reborn. Four is a number traditionally associated with foundation; there are four directions, four seasons, four elements. Simply put, Cancer Season is an important inner pitstop on our journey through the stars. It is here we can allow ourselves to feel into what has already transpired and gather up the emotional fortitude to carry on.

I’m always looking to “real world” events to see how the Astrological energy is playing out, but 2020 is giving it to us so by the book that it’s hard to doubt the validity of this ancient system. We knew there was going to be a major reckoning because of January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. We just didn’t know how that was going to reveal itself. Now we know. The virus isn’t the enemy, it’s the catalyst for our evolution. It’s helping us see how cracked our foundations really are. Saturn is the planet of tough love, pushing us to take responsibility; Pluto is the Angel of Death who wants to assist us in letting go. We are watching this all play out in real time, a global deep-soul-transformation in the sign of the Patriarchy/Authority/Structure. This is all heightened by the necessary light being shone upon racism in our society. And it all feels even more intense here, in the United States, because we are also in the midst of our Pluto return, a truly significant event—Pluto takes 247 years to make its way around the Zodiac. When Pluto returns to the place it began (in this case the place it was when America was born), it feels like death because it is a death of everything that isn’t true; and thank Goddess, since some of this should've died long ago!

So what the fuck are we supposed to do with all this information and energy? Well, babies, it’s a long game. There are no quick fixes here. That’s exactly why we need Cancer Season so badly, so that we can integrate and process what’s transpired so far. Aries Season was our scramble for a new way of life in the midst of a global pandemic; we had to become our own leaders as a result of a deeply ineffective and fractured government revealing just how fractured and ineffective it really is. Taurus Season had us hunkering down and digging in, looking at how to take care of ourselves based on our deepest values and learning what really matters in our lives. Gemini Season has been an empowering opportunity to use our voices to protest against a brutal legacy of racial injustice and systemic prejudice. And while you may have had a chance to sneak in a quick cry or good scream into a pillow, there’s a lot more emotional processing that needs to take place. Luckily, Cancer energy knows how to dig in. So get ready, babies, we’ve just scratched the surface here. The sign of the crab is here to help us take a deeper dive.

Cancer Season, like the rest of 2020, means business. The same day the Sun moves into her intuitive, oceanic currents, we get the first of two consecutive New Moons in this sign. Yes, you read that correctly. Every year, one lucky sign gets two New Moons. The fact that it’s in Cancer this year, the sign in which the moon feels most at home, is both auspicious and instructive. Considering that this New Moon also happens on the Summer Solstice really highlights the shifting of the scales, from darkness to light and now from light back to darkness. Our first New Moon in Cancer is June 20th at 0°, and it’s our initial opportunity to really feel into the truth of our current reality. The fact that we get two New Moons in the same sign signifies that we are only ready for partial truth at this time.

There’s a slow peeling back this month, layer by layer we will continue to see the true nature of the problems at hand.  

Remember, ya’ll, we are in the mist of Eclipse Season. This first Cancer New Moon is a Solar Eclipse. Eclipse energy intensifies and illuminates. In a lot of ways, June’s New Moon is a rough draft for July’s implementation. It’s not so much a trial run, it’s more like a first coat of paint—don’t expect one attempt to get the job done. By taking a full month to meditate on Cancerian themes, come July we will have a better sense of what new beginnings we really need to initiate. July’s Cancer New Moon marks the end of Eclipse Season, so use the powerful magic of these next four weeks to illuminate and eliminate that which no longer serves. Consider that how we dismantle the old structures will inform how we create the new world. So let’s make sure to be thorough, clear, and grounded in the work we do from here on out.

Generally, New Moon’s are soft, gentle respites from Astrological storms. Unfortunately, both of these Cancer New Moons may feel more like Full Moons, confrontational and intense. But by now you’ve clearly discovered that confrontation and intensity are some of the main subjects in this year's lesson plan. June’s New Moon has a square to Mars, a stressful aspect with the God of War. Mars is currently in Pisces, where he's exploring his spiritual warriorship, and he’s close enough to Neptune (planet of prayer and mysticism) to be a whisper's distance from some heady spiritual truths. This dissonance between the Sun/Moon in Cancer and Mars/Neptune in Pisces is already playing out. The first pair are more interested in exploring personal feelings, whereas the latter pair are submerged in collective grief and suffering.