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January 17—Hour of Unity with Mindfulness, Meditation, & Prayer

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

By Jen Snoeyink:

The country is divided. Anger is rampant and has turned to violence and unrest. Anger can be a great unifier. But I believe the intention of PEACE can be an even greater unifier. With all that we have been through this last year, couldn’t we use a moment to alleviate ourselves of some of this anxiety and unify in a peaceful, productive way?

Studies have shown that collective prayer or meditation can have a social impact.

We could utilize this premise to work as a community to create a collective moment of peaceful intention in our nation; to set aside a time in which we are healing in unity together regardless of denomination, creed, or political affiliation.

On Jan 17 from 9–10 a.m. (PST), I will be setting aside an hour for mindfulness, meditation, and prayer.

Will you join me? Let’s heal together. As a community. For one hour.

What you do to create your peaceful intention is up to you and your spiritual practice. It could be prayer, chanting or meditation, or even incorporating mindfulness into art or music. You could take a peaceful walk in nature or listen to inspirational podcasts or recordings. Do what inspires you to create peace within and around yourself to the best of your ability.

I will be using the time to meditate, pray, and create art by mindfully yarn-wrapping a tree branch. What will you do?

Check the Facebook Event page for resources on meditation and mindfulness.

Additional resources will also be available with the hashtag #jan17forpeace.


Jen Snoeyink an artist, mother, and activist with a mission to make the world a better place for all.

Instagram: @jensnoeyink

Facebook: @jensnoeyinkart

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