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Incredible Ideas for Learning New Skills and Hobbies

By Chelsea Lamb:

Few experiences are more gratifying than gaining prowess in a new talent. If a change in circumstances affords you more time for personal development, devote yourself to learning a new hobby or skill. Try any one of these suggestions from Flapper Press to find inspiration for growth and happiness.

Practice Memory Techniques

Improved recall enhances your job performance, test-taking abilities, and relationships. Devote half an hour daily to working on selected mnemonic devices to improve memorization.

Take Up Dance

Dancing is an excellent exercise that boosts your mood while improving your physical health. You build greater self-confidence and open the door to meeting new people in classes or at a club. Sign up for lessons if you enjoy group instruction; or, if you'd rather train in the privacy of your home, numerous video series can give you a start, and virtual classes with a trainer can help you keep proper form and avoid bad habits. An interactive workout mirror takes your training to another level with monitored feedback.

Learn to Compose Music

You don't have to be Mozart or McCartney to create a catchy tune. Software from Chrisville makes adding harmony and a hot beat to a melody easier than ever. Start with free programs that guide you through the basics of creating loops and rhythms. If you have dreams of using your work commercially, advance to paid programs that ensure you maintain the proper rights to your compositions.

Gain Fluency in Another Language

Go to your local library for free resources on advancing your linguistic competency. Join groups to make friends who are native speakers for practice and tips on your pronunciation and accent. Be ready to laugh at yourself and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Dive in to the culture's cuisine and music for further immersion. Switch your phone language settings for more daily use.

Study Real Estate Investing

Despite economic crises, stats show that property values consistently grow over the years, with only temporary dips after market corrections. Learn the secrets, as well as the pros and cons, of smart real estate investing with an online course. For example, you may have to deal with difficult tenants and initially spend a sizable amount of money on securing a property. However, if you learn strategies to deal with these challenges, you can benefit from a steady income. Renting can be profitable in nearly every location during recessions, and the business has a low barrier to entry.

Create a Company

Seizing fresh ideas and creating viable businesses from those concepts is a rewarding and lucrative skill. Learn to be a serial entrepreneur with your new hobby. Set up a company to contain your business affairs and provide tax savings and limited liability in case of legal action or an accident. An LLC is easy to start with a formation service that saves you the headache of filing on your own and the cost of lawyer fees. Whether you file yourself or use a service, ensure you follow the rules for your state, since regulations differ.

Go Back to School

If starting your own company doesn’t seem like the right fit for now, maybe this would be a great opportunity to go back to school. By gaining additional education and insights in your field, you’ll have an edge over the competition when you graduate. If you’re interested in computer science, for instance, take advantage of the flexibility afforded by online programs, allowing you to learn at your own pace without having to take too much time away from your other responsibilities.

Refine Your Drawing Skills

Make sketching a daily practice to get better at drawing. Pay attention to light and shadows to improve. Train your hands by tracing works that you love and work on freehanding simple items around you. Attempt a variety of styles and patiently try new techniques in various mediums.

The digital world makes mastering a new ability more accessible than ever. From learning a new hobby to going back to school, use these suggestions to acquire a unique aptitude or two and feel intense satisfaction.

Flapper Press is an online magazine featuring a curated collection of eclectic and often under-represented viewpoints from an international team of writers. Let us know if you have any questions!


Chelsea Lamb has spent the last eight years honing her tech skills and is the resident tech specialist and co-founder of Her goal is to demystify some of the technical aspects of business ownership and entrepreneurship.

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