Flapper Press Interviews: Scott Collura & Clint Gage of IGN

By Derek May:

Not long ago, producers from entertainment website IGN reached out to our own Elizabeth Gracen to talk about one of her most enduring genre roles outside of the Highlander universe. In 1990, Ms. Gracen starred as Jasmin in actor/director Bill Bixby’s final outing as Dr. David Banner in The Death of the Incredible Hulk. Thirty years later, Scott Collura and Clint Gage decided to honor not only Bixby’s Hulk but acknowledge the first attempts at an interconnected live-action Marvel universe in a fascinating installment of their short-documentary series.

Bill Bixby & Elizabeth Gracen, The Death of the Incredible Hulk

Scott and Clint’s love for genre has fueled them for years as both fans and curators for IGN. So we sat down with these two fascinating aficionados to pick their brains about their fandom, careers, and what they might have in store for us next.

DM: Scott and Clint! It’s a pleasure to meet you both, and thank you so much for talking with us. Let’s kick things off by having you tell us a little about yourselves and what you do over there at IGN.

CG: I’m Clint Gage, Managing Features Producer for IGN and CineFix (our film snob YouTube channel!). I’ve been writing and producing video essays for years, and I’m a writer and filmmaker as well, every time I get the chance.

SC: Hey, Derek! I’m Scott Collura, Executive Editor of Entertainment Features at IGN. Basically, I oversee all think-pieces, columns, lists, and any other movies, TV, or comics-related feature content on IGN. That includes things like our mini-doc on the Hulk TV movies.

Clint Gage (L) and Scott Collura (R)

DM: I know IGN covers a lot throughout the entertainment world, but you both focus on movies/television. Was that an area you both always wanted to work in?

CG: Yeah, movies are the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I did the whole “film school then move right to LA” thing, so landing in a job that lets me talk about movies every day makes sense.

SC: Same for me. I did the whole “film school and then can’t find a job” thing, which led me to going to work on a cruise ship of all things for three years. It was a great opportunity to travel the world, and it’s also where I took up really writing about entertainment in earnest (when in my off-hours).

Bill Bixby on the set of The Death of the Incredible Hulk

DM: When Elizabeth told me about the documentary for the Hulk series you interviewed her for, I was very intrigued. Then I was really impressed with the final product, especially how you worked in both an homage to the Bixby/Ferrigno era as well as the larger idea of the first live-action Marvel universe. Was that concept something you set out to explore or did it evolve over the course of the production?

CG: Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. All of us on the features team