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Flapper Press Announces Nominees for the 2022 Pushcart Prize in Writing

By Flapper Press:

Flapper Press is proud to announce our nominees for the 2022 Pushcart Prize in Writing. Please join us in congratulating Will Bellaimey, Kim Carr, and Paul Mitchnick for their outstanding contributions to our online magazine this past year. Their work exemplifies the many creative, informative, and eclectic voices that we are lucky enough to feature each week.

Read more about the Pushcart Prize and the nomination process here.

Thank you to all our contributors and congratulations to our nominees!


Will Bellaimey

Published July 4, 2022

Will Bellaimey challenges us to consider American democracy as a long-term struggle in the latest installment of Historically Speaking.


Will Bellaimey is the creator of HISTORICALLY SPEAKING on Flapper Press. Will teaches U.S. Government and Politics at Flintridge Prep School outside Los Angeles where he is also the director of the Los Angeles Museum of Geography, which is staffed entirely by seventh graders. His podcast, All the Presidents, Man, is available here.

From the article:

We have to have the patience and the worldview that this is not going to get better overnight. And if you're finding yourself feeling exhausted, then both take a break and pay attention to what kind of media you're consuming that's making you feel afraid and hopeless—because that's often what gets a lot of clicks—but also look back at all of the people who have faced gathering storms in the past and have pushed through and made it so that we're sitting here talking about the same questions and the same hopes for the future.


Published January 6, 2022

Kim Carr reflects on the recent passing of her mother, the sweet memories, and the difficult process of moving forward.


Kim Carr is a small farmer, photographer, and aspiring writer. After obtaining a degree in Animal Science, Kim settled onto twenty acres where she is living out her dream life every day. Currently Kim is combining her passion for writing and photography in a photo series featuring heritage breed farm animals for a future book. She also enjoys writing a regular feature about her everyday life, called “Around the Farm”.

Stay updated on Kim’s projects at

From the article:

My, oh my, oh my. Truthfully, I am not sure where to begin, or how to begin to write this. Thoughts have been scurrying around in my head like mice in the chicken house when you shine a flashlight after the sun goes down. Each time I sit down to my keyboard to try and formulate a cohesive thought, it scatters as if I might be rewarded with a chunk of cheese if I step away from my laptop. With my mom passing back in October, I find myself in a mental limbo. I know I should write—I want to write—I just haven’t been able to do it. This is my attempt to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get back to doing what I do. It is what my mom would want.


Paul Mitchnick

Published January 17, 2022

Wave Swinger 5 . . . by Paul Mitchnick

Photographer Paul Mitchnick points a colour lens toward amusement parks and the deep emotional memory it stirs.


Paul Mitchnick is a cinematographer living and working out of Toronto, Canada. He has spent time with many gifted filmmakers in his career—Sean Penn, Lawrence Kasdan, and John Woo as Directors, as well as many Oscar-winning cinematographers. For the last decade, Paul has been Director of Photography on award-winning Canadian Independent Features and television Movies of the Week. He shot KEIF AL-HAL, the first feature film produced by a Saudi Arabian company. Whenever on assignment, Paul travels with his still camera and has taken photographs all over the globe. "I make my living looking at things, and when I have my still camera, opportunities kind of present themselves. Whether those things are looking for me or I am looking for them, I am not sure." Mitchnick Photos

From the article:

Of course I can no longer be that person, but there is something about the amusement park’s vibrant energy that stirs my memory.


Flapper Press is an online magazine featuring a curated collection of eclectic and often under-represented viewpoints from an international team of writers. Our goal is to provide readers with a wide variety of topics, opinions, and authentic expression in order to educate and foster personal growth and empathy while promoting positive change in the world.

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