Favorite Recipes: Shishito Peppers with Healthy Aioli à la Gwyneth Paltrow

By Elizabeth Gracen:

Photo: foxtail_1 on Visualhunt.com

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The days are counting down to the finish line of my summer kitchen renovation. We are ever-so-close to completion and inspection, and I’m itching to get in there. The temporary kitchen adventure has been interesting—pretty easy for the most part due to my husband’s ability to build a functional kitchen sink in the driveway. We’ve utilized our camping stove, gas BBQ grill and side burner, and a kick-ass toaster oven during the whole process. The cooking has been relatively easy to pull off, but the sink has sprung numerous leaks, and I’ve washed with no hot water for a month and a half. Seriously though . . . I’m not complaining.

I’m grateful to see the light at the end of the renovation tunnel, and we’ve survived my husband’s horrific mountain bike accident that resulted in a broken-in-seven-places collar bone and the two operations it took to fix it. My kid is in school and thriving in volleyball. We are all vaccinated and masked and healthy. So, like I said . . . no complaints, just counting blessings.

In these last days of “hillbilly kitchen” mode, I’m going to try a few more of my favorite dishes. This week, I’m preparing a go-to recipe from It’s All Easy by Gwyneth Paltrow—Shishito Peppers with Cheat's Aioli.

The cookbook is gorgeous—the photography, the author, the “life-style”—it’s all so picturesque and perfect (because, you know . . . it’s all easy) and a little annoying in that life-envy sort of way, but the recipes are really delicious and easy to make.

Shishito peppers—yum. I order them on almost every menu I see when we go out (but, we never go out anymore!), and I love the smell and taste. I even love the gamble of biting into that 1 in 10 super-hot pepper possibility that comes along with picking up on of those little devils from the dish. You can find Shishitos in many grocery stores and supermarkets these days, so when I spot a bag, I usually pick it up.