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Butterflies Flit

By Roger Desmarias:

Change contains a gravity of transition and metamorphosis best magnified by the butterfly's evolution from the chrysalis to the beauty of a new transcending reality. But first there is the letting go of the old, crawling slug in order to fly with the new, light soul.


Butterflies Flit

The gravity of the new order towards Being

Changes the direction of Newtonian laws of physics

A letting go of old ways of doing in order to accomplish

A gathering of new wings to fly into a bright unknown

Forever giving up the old gravy pulling elderlies back down

In order to the freedom of transcending the chrysalis of earth

To order to gain the freedom-wings of new beginnings beyond

The old knowns of the slug moving slowly from here to there

To the fitting of the butterfly which savors the fitting to the new

A transformation of the brain-body to the mind-soul

A change fearful in the reality of giving up crawling

A change magnificent in the reality of learning to fly!


Dr. Roger Desmarais has written poetry on his experiences as a consultant to executives and their executive teams as a way to more easily connect with the Emotional Intelligent part of the total leader. This has also opened the opportunity to write poetry to define the Spiritual Intelligence that is the foundation for Ethical and Responsible Leadership—which is a growing request. His recently published book of corporate poetry taps the three intelligences: Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional: “Disruptive Poetry: Upsetting the Perfect Corporate Status Quo.”

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