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SUSPENSE—Episode 13: The Hounds of Tindalos

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

By John C. Alsedek:

I know, I know . . . still another Lovecraftian adaptation! But there’s no denying "The Hounds of Tindalos" is creepy as heck, and Daamen Krall really gets that across as his character comes to the realization that he has delved a little too far into forbidden places. . . .

Episode 13: "The Hounds of Tindalos"

Stars: Daamen Krall, Christopher Duva, and Rocky Cerda

A researcher uses a mystical drug to travel backward in time. But what he finds there is a horror beyond imagining. . . .

Adapted for SUSPENSE by John C. Alsedek & Dana Perry-Hayes from the short story by Frank Belknap Long. Special thanks to the Estate of Frank Belknap Long.


SUSPENSE writer, producer, and radio-drama aficionado John C. Alsedek shares the history of early radio and television and the impact it has made on the world of entertainment in his ongoing series for Flapper Press.

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