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Letters to Juliet: Original Poetry for Valentine's Day!

By Annie Newcomer:

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?

It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

(Romeo, Act 2, Scene 2)

In response to our call for Love Letters and Love Poems to celebrate Valentine's Day, Flapper Press received beautifully written expressions of love in many unique and creative styles. We hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as we did. Our hope is to make this written celebration of Love an annual tradition for our readers.

Happy Valentine's Day!

From Evelyn Bowman

My dear Paul,

Without you, Valentine’s Day has lost its meaning. But even after thirteen years, I can still remember the ones we shared—the lunches, the necklace, the flowers, and more. It just seemed a good time to remind you of your importance to me.

I miss so many things about you, little and big, that enriched my life. The most important is your love, and with it your wonderful smile that seemed to transform your serious face into laughter and light and gave me great joy. I miss your strong arms around me and your encouraging words of endearment. I miss your wry sense of humor that endeared you to family and friends. I miss your easy ability to look at a problem and quietly help us come to a decision.

Yes, I wanted you to help make decisions in your final weeks. One day we were planning a ride, and I wanted your input. Your response was, “Oh, Evy, I don’t care where we go. Go wherever you would like to. I’ll go anywhere you want, as long as you are there.” Oh, and I miss your lunging at me after the elevator door was closed and we were alone, giving me a kiss and a bear hug and telling me that you loved me. Those were special moments.

The apartment is cold and lifeless without you. There’s no one to give a “yoo-hoo” to as I come in the door. Those sixty-six years were far too short, yet melded us in ways I’ll never understand. That you and I formed part of the deep meaning of each other’s lives is one of the greatest blessings that has ever come to me. I’m still in love with you as much as ever, and you are still with me every sing day, every single hour. The nights are long, and I miss your warmth. I awake in the middle of the night, search for your feet, but they are not there.

My feet are so-oo-oo cold!

I love you,


From John H.

Dear Julia,

I have always disliked Valentine Day. "Just a Hallmark day,” I’d say because if you only told someone once a year that you cared, how much could it mean? Well, this year I think I have it figured out.

As a little kid in Catholic school, the nuns would tell us about our guardian angels. I really never thought much about it, though. I am now. ou see, last year, I really saw my guardian angel and discovered that there was more than one. My guardian angels came in all different shapes and sizes. They all dressed differently, yet the same. They did different tasks, but yet the same. You see, my guardian angels came as hospice caregivers. Why do I call them my guardian angels? They helped me and pulled me through my darkest hour. When I didn’t know what the dosage was or how to administer it correctly to my partner, suddenly, my guardian angel appeared with the answer. When I was cleaning up diarrhea for the fourth or fifth time that day and my guardian angels came into the house, assessed the situation, dropped everything and said, "We will finish that for you, that is our job," I saw angels. At times I was totally stressed out and really needed to vent as I was ready to explode. I’d look up and there was a guardian angel telling me, "I understand.”

The best days of the week were the days my guardian angels were to come, and I really looked forward to the phone call or text saying they were on their way. When the situation demanded full PPE and I would tie the strings in the back for the girls, I could feel the grace of God flowing into me. The trips to the grocery store and looking around for that special treat to give to my angels made grocery shopping more fun. I had to find time to make cinnamon rolls, for sure, around Christmas, because my guardian angels might like some. Sure, I know caregivers work for a wage, but there is not enough money in the world for most people to do what caregivers do. So, I have found the real reason for St. Valentine's Day. It is a chance to tell all my guardians angels, "I love you.”

❤️ John H.

From John Tuohy

My wife Lynn wrote this to me many, many years ago. I treasure these words and have often sent them back to her.

"My love for you is what guides me through my life.”

From Diane Lobsiger

Dear girls,

I am your Mother, Grandmother and GG, Great Grandmother. I want all of you to know and believe what beautiful women you are becoming. All so strong, brave, God Loving, caring, thoughtful, artistic and creative. Most of all you make me so proud to know that whatever life throws at you, you will all stand strong together and become a force to be reckoned with. I Love all of you with all my heart, and know when I'm gone, you will carry on with God in your heart with love for all animals and those people around you who care for you. Be Happy in all things you do for yourselves but most especially for others. God Bless you all.

Hugs always, Gramma Di

From Sharon (Millenbruch) Senger

I decided to share with you a poem I had written to my fiancé a week before our marriage on June 4, 1969.

I was scheduled to graduate at the end of May from K-State in Manhattan, Kansas, and we planned to be married four days later. (My fiancé, Phil, was finishing his Master's Degree there as well.) During the weeks leading up to my graduation and wedding, I studied for finals, sewed my wedding dress, made my veil, sewed my "going-away" dress, as well as my niece's junior bridesmaid dress, and took final exams. One week before the wedding, I wrote this poem and gave it to Phil. Phil had laughingly told me we would have a trial marriage for 100 years, and if it worked out, we agreed to make it permanent!

I ran onto a copy of it shortly after Phil and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. I was in the process of making up a scrapbook of pictures and notes from our 50th anniversary open house and added a few pictures from our Great Britain trip and Hawaiian trip as part of our anniversary year. I decided to add the poem near the back of the scrapbook and included with it a picture of the shadow of the two of us as we were walking in our neighborhood not long after our 50th anniversary.

My darling, remember:

When things are bad and you want to weep,

When promises are hard to keep,

When all goes wrong and debts are deep,

I am standing there beside you.

When we progress, but spirits are low,

When we work hard, but work is slow,

We try but nothing seems to go,

I am standing there beside you.

In the far distant night somewhere

Two people walk and stop and stare,

And oft reflect on past concerns and care,

I am standing there beside you.

And when our first century is past,

We shall regret that it’s the last

And not regret the shadows cast,

As I stood there beside you.

From Shane Bihani

I sleep in those

Dungeons dark.

Shadowed thoughts.

Forgotten dreams.

Skin paper thin.


When you touch me,

With your fingers of sand—

The musty mist

Of melancholy dies.

Darkness cowers

Under your effulgent shine.

My skin’s aglow

In your lilac light,

Intoxicating, my love,

I your amethyst eyes,

In your gentle kiss, is your lover’s rise.

From Renee Franklin


Dear Modern Day Juliet,

Before I met you, I thought that for a romance to blossom, it had to be a boldly staged drama with a tragic ending. You opened my eyes. As my undercover partner, you often operate behind the curtain to make my life wonderful. Sorrow doesn’t stand a chance in our play.

Instead of scene-stealing confrontations, low-key advice is more your style. You display friendly backup support whenever public reviews let me down. You provide comforting props, such as warm dinners or sympathetic hugs, when the acts in my life don’t go quite the way I originally envision.

You also help set in motion my future success. One look from you and I already feel like a star. You find a thousand different ways to support my goals that are not in any script. Whether it is a reassuring word, running interference, or merely taking on more chores, you do whatever you can to keep my spirits up while the show is running.

Through our many years together, your faith in my performances never falters. Even when the theater goes dark. Despite life’s setbacks, I know hope will always rebound underneath covers. Our romance is blessed. So, Juliet, I promise to follow my cues and play the part of your undercover partner, too!

Your Leading Man,


From Gerda Strobl

Dear FlapperPress,

I know you asked for love letters to Romeo and Juliet, but does the world wish to read me scolding the two selfish young fools or worse? Instead, I venture to send a letter to my first true love.

Dear English Language,

Permit me to confess that you have been my first love. Oh, yes, before you, I may have had a crush on music, but music and I just didn't click like I click with you. So the truth is, you were my first true love, and I never fell out of love since.

There, I've said it. Does that make you cringe?

If it does, do not feel bad about it, I cringe myself when I hear my accent at times. You, however, possess this remarkable rich beauty, every facet more enticing, which I so envy and adore! How could I possibly compare? How come I dare to worship you?

But your allure lies not only with your appearance and your fascinatingly varied voices, but also in your character. My own mother-tongue is such a snob, and by comparison your angelic openness to strangers shines all the brighter!

I dare not ask you to share with me all of your secrets, or intimate moments, but, dearest, please bear my presence as patiently as you have so far.

Forever yours,

Gerda Strobl

From Julie Findley

Dear Mom,

Did I ever tell you that you were my best bud?

My shopping, gardening, cooking companion.

We had fun, you and I, swapping stories.

But why did you keep your solitary secrets?

Were you happy in life? Yes, I think so, but…

Were you proud of us? Yes, I know so.

We shared our lovely lives near the end of yours.

I made mistakes, I blamed myself.

But I know that you were really ready.

You are with Dad now, and Kin.