June Poetry from Flapper Press

What a month it has been. The rapid pace of change; the stress-inducing events that have taken their toll on us. We are all in need of release and the opportunity to express our deepest feelings about the world as it is and how we want it to be.

Poetry has the unique gift of bypassing conventional attempts to explain our innermost thoughts, passions, and fears. Its therapeutic power engages the senses and allows access to the hidden world of our souls. Whether you write your own personal poetry, read the gorgeous classics, or stumble upon a poem written by someone you've never heard of, it all resonates on a deep, meaningful level. Poetry allows for a healing of the wounds and offers a friendly common ground for us all to meet.

Flapper Press is honored to present original poetry submitted by our writers and readers from around the world. This month's submissions highlight our ever-changing world with its challenges and silver linings.

Please submit your work to Flapper Press, and we will publish it in next month's post.


Freedom is a fragile illusion for many, and a broken promise to the rest.

A tale of the unattainable spun throughout the course of centuries.

Divided, we are fractured.

Divided, we are falling.

Pawns in a game we never agreed to play.

Pitted against one another by careful systemic design.

Our faces are lost within the numerous many.

Our voices suppressed to whispers in attempt to silence.

Against all odds, some manage to overcome the design.

Some dare to dream a dream.

Some look beyond what is shown to seek truth for a better future.

Change is born of one, and that one becomes many.

“Me” and I” become “We” and “us. “

We are now a vast sea of collective faces, demanding to be seen.

We are a chanting collaboration of voices, screaming to be heard.

We are finding our way through a moment in time with a broken compass.

The voices of the past now guide us through present storms and troubled waters.