Flapper Press Poetry Café: The Poems of Hiram Larew

Updated: Jul 19

By Annie Newcomer:

Flapper Press Poetry Café continues to feature the work of poets from around the world.

Today, we feature the poems and projects of Hiram Larew.

Hiram Larew's poems have appeared recently in journals such as Contemporary American Voices, Poetry South, and Honest Ulsterman and have been nominated for several Pushcart prizes.

We reached out to Hiram to ask him about his influences and inspirations.

AN: How and when did you come to Poetry?

HL: Poetry has been my favorite teacher. Why? Because of its power to change words into skies.

AN: What do you hope people will take away from your poems?

HL: I'm always looking for a poem with wings.

Below, Hiram shares some information on several of the projects he is involved with:

The Poetry X Hunger Initiative:

The Poetry X Hunger initiative is bringing poets from around the world to the anti-hunger cause. I've led a number of workshops, college classes, and the like in discussions about poetry that speaks back to hunger.

Voices of Woodlawn:

Voices of Woodlawn is a poetry homage to the mostly unknown enslaved people at historic Woodlawn Plantation in Virginia. I invited three African American poets to join me for a day at Woodlawn, and some of the resulting poems, combined with harmonica music, have been presented multiple times over the last several months.

The Poetry Poster Project

Now completed, this project, as supported by a local arts and humanities council, fe