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A debut Young Adult fantasy novel by

Elizabeth Gracen

In the heart of ancient Delphi, Fippa, a sixteen-year-old misfit mystic with unusual gifts, stands at the edge of a cosmic pool, ready to drown. Her sacrifice is the only way to open the portal within the water’s black depths and the only chance she has to bring the young warrior, Ision, back to Earth before Darkness annihilates Love from the Cosmos.


Submerged in the pool, Fippa’s heart stops beating and the portal opens. She finds herself unexpectedly transformed into an exotic butterfly girl—a creature of legend—the Shalilly. Resurrected into a parallel dimension—a land full of mythical creatures, talking animals, and the Pale Ones who dominate them—Fippa the Shalilly is captured and sold to the very man she came to find.


With Darkness looming ever closer, Fippa must persuade Ision to return with her to Earth by telling him a fanstic story - their story. The story of Love. 

Illustrations by Luca di Napoli

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