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Your Spiral Life

By Brandon Alter:

My husband recently saw an incredible astrologer, and she blew him away. Keep in mind my husband is also an incredible astrologer who has been practicing for over 20 years. This woman said to him, “You live your life on two speeds: one is the frequency of insightful, soul-satisfying creativity, and the other is the frequency of being in hell. This is your cycle,” she said. “You can’t change it. You can’t step outside of it. But what you can do is play with the duration. You don’t have to be in hell for 11 weeks or even 11 days. You can be in hell for 11 seconds and then get right back to being on path.”

Now personally, I believe we can change our cycles over time; with great effort and great awareness, we can recreate our habits to better serve us. But I think what she was talking about is noticing our patterns so that we can shrink them or at the very least work with them.

When we pay attention to our own personal cycles of behavior, emotion, and thought and honor them—even the shadowy bits—we learn how to accept ourselves fully. We learn how to not beat ourselves up for our cycles.

Nature has a cycle. She doesn’t say in the winter time, "Girl, why are you so lazy?" She knows this is the time when her cycle takes her into a hibernation mode. And she honors that.


Remember that at one time, your cycle served you even if now it seems to be holding you back. Because the thing about our cycles is that they keep deepening; they intensify.

Try not to think of your life like a circle. Rather, think of it as a sacred spiral.

We move further and further out as we move further and further in, and things don’t repeat themselves so much as they reflect themselves. And you get to determine if they reflect the dark of you or the light.

Consider: What parts of your spiral life could you speed up or slow down? And what parts are you ready to transcend for good?

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