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You Are Being Taken Care Of

By Brandon Alter:

Everything in your life is happening for you. I know it doesn’t always seem that way. But it’s true. Every single thing that happens to you is a gift to get you on your soul’s purpose. Sometimes the gifts are wrapped up in butt-ugly packages. But they are gifts all the same. Car accidents, health scares, break-ups, firings, friendships ending unexpectedly, these are part of the program to help you get where spirit wants you to go. When you start to look at your life from this perspective, things get a lot easier.

I know it’s easy to play the victim. I know it’s easy to get trapped in the story that nothing goes your way. But the deepest truth is that EVERYTHING IS GOING YOUR WAY, ALL THE TIME.

We need to remember on a moment to moment basis that we are being taken care of. Now this doesn’t mean that we can let go of the wheel and stop doing our homework, but it does mean that we can release our addiction to panicking.

Here’s a little example that will hopefully show you what I mean: Let’s say you’re heading to a job interview, and you left early to give yourself plenty of time, but all of a sudden there’s a pile up on the freeway and you’re going to be ferociously late. You could choose to spiral out of control. You could choose to literally come undone in your car. Or you could remind yourself that this is happening for you.

Spirit is not trying to fuck your life up, ever. Because when you get to the job interview they inform you they have been running an hour late all day. And had you got there on time you would’ve had to wait for an hour, and you would’ve gotten nervous and in your head. And now you can walk right into that interview and you can nail it. This is the magic that happens when we remind ourselves that we are being taken care of, always and in ALL WAYS.

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