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Wanting Things: Part Two

By Brandon Alter:

You've heard it before, I'm sure, but the universe really does conspire to bring you your desires. And once we know what our heart wants, things tend to happen quickly. But there is one little hiccup to this process, and that hiccup is us. We can only manifest that which we truly believe we deserve. I’m gonna say that again . . .


It doesn't matter how strong or aligned your wants are.

If you don't believe you are worthy of dreams coming true, then, sugar, no dreams are gonna come true.

Because your outer world will ALWAYS reflect your inner world.

Here's a fun little example of this from my life, and by fun, I mean the opposite. Ok, so I was recently on one episode of a TV show and got invited to the premiere party. I wanted some photos on the red carpet because I was feeling insecure about myself. I needed these photos to prove to myself that I was valuable and important. So this was not a heart want, it was an ego want. It was a want from a place of lacking, not deserving. And do you want to know what happened? Because I was feeling like a nobody inside myself, when I got to the step and repeat, I was treated like a nobody.

Now I'm not saying that if I had shown up feeling worthy that things would've gone differently. I'm saying that if I had truly felt deserving inside myself, I wouldn't have needed those damn photos in the first place. So what is the teaching in all this? I've already told you:

Your outer world will always reflect your inner world. It's a natural law and we have to respect it.

Consider your relationships. You want your partner to validate you, because you are feeling unlovable. Well, unfortunately, all relationships can do, is mirror back the truth of who you are. So if you are feeling unlovable, that's what is gonna come right back at you. We take some many of our wants to the outside world, and we expect our career or our relationships to fix us. But they can't. That isn't their true nature.

Everything is a mirror; so if we want to change our reflection, we have to change ourselves.
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