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The Loudest Voice in Your Head is Rarely Your Own

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

By Brandon Alter:

We have to be so careful about what voices we choose to listen to. The loudest voice you hear is generally a good one to ignore, because it’s probably your inner critic. Or your fear. Or your mother. Or that awful teacher you had in fifth grade. Or even just the voice of our culture that doesn’t know its ass from its ankles.

The voices that are truly our own are often quieter.

Your higher self is trying to reach you, it just can’t shout as loud as your scarcity voice.

But as we learn to listen to the subtler voices in our heads and hearts, they will get louder too. And then the voices that no longer serve us will be silenced for good.

I encourage you today to take a few moments and really investigate who the voices in your head belong to. You may be shocked to realize you’ve been carrying around somebody else’s voice for far too long. So let that shit go! It can be incredibly freeing. And it’s one of the easiest ways to pick up your power.

Play detective with your thoughts and try to figure out where they are really coming from.

Remember, the voices worth listening to are the ones that build you up,

NEVER THE ONES that tear you down!

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