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The Flapper Press Poetry Café: The Poems of Ann Privateer

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

By Annie Newcomer:

The Flapper Press Café features the work of poets from around the world. Our goal is to feature their work and promote creativity and expression. This week, we feature the work of Ann Privateer.

Ann Privateer

Ann Privateer is a poet, artist, and photographer. Her recent work has appeared in the journal Third Wednesday and Entering.

From Ann:

I started writing poetry in my early twenties while on nature walks and jotting down my thoughts. The poem "Lost" is a compilation looking back to childhood mixed with my later years. "Bliss" reveals later days after my own children had attained some independence. "Awakening" was written recently during this pandemic when I joined a poetry group on Zoom.

What happens when I hear a poem that resonates with me is that I then feel connected to others. This is what I hope for readers who read my poems.



Walking around the block

I thought I knew the way

Until all the houses

Were strange, new to this

Child of ten venturing

Out, widening, growing

But lost, none the less

Who also lost her mom's

Favorite brocaded

Handkerchief, her favorite

Also, boohoo, and

Her father's silver pocket

Knife, she searched and searched

It must have gone out

With the trash, how cruel

Life is like that sometimes

And maybe some happy

Person found what she lost

Because I find things every day.



The lamp is low

there's no place to go

No checks, no balances

Or beaches call

Leave the hotline off

We'll fumble together

In the now of the moment

Peace is pure

And love is stardust.



Breath in, breath out, and so it goes I know

That smile sublime will get you through the day

If weariness can spoil good resolve

The better part of valor will survive

And when evening comes to call, it will roll

Breath in, breath out, and so it goes I know

To linger when it's time to carry on

The other can not know you love them so

If weariness can spoil good resolve

And selfless love not leave you in despair

But much enlivened to be so enthralled

The better part of valor will survive

Closeness mutually beneficial

For every day there's someone that will care

If weariness can spoil good resolve

For all is unexpected in this life

The journey shared brings pain and sometimes joy

Breath in, breath out, and so it goes I know

If weariness can spoil good resolve


Flapper Press Poetry Café.

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