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The Flapper Press Poetry Café: Thanksgiving Writing Call!

The Flapper Press Poetry Café is now open for submissions for our Thanksgiving 2021 feature article on GRATITUDE!

All you need to do is ask yourself this question:

Is it possible to tell a story in just six words?
The answer is a resounding, YES!

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. This is the six-word response attributed to him:

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

So as we prepare to give thanks during the upcoming season, we invite you to join us here at the Flapper Press Poetry Café by submitting your own six-word story for publication in our upcoming Thanksgiving 2021 feature!

You can write it alone, with your children and/or grandchildren, or both! While your story will not be long, it will need to include a subject and a verb to give the reader a sense of context and narrative action.

Submission Details:

Submission Period: Oct 22 through November 15

Age: All ages invited!

How many 6-word stories can I submit? Send as many six-word stories on gratitude as you like. We'll select our favorites to publish on November 25, 2021.

Do I need to send a bio? Yes. Please include a short 25-word bio along with your submission.

May parents help their children? Yes! Parents may help their children and grandchildren AND also write their own.

Email submissions:


Here are a few other examples of six-word gratitude stories:

"Touched by angels. Shared the blessings.”

“Mother gives. Example taken to heart.”

Once you get started, you aren’t going to want to stop writing these little gems. If you need more examples or just some great tips in writing a six-word story, Doug Weller gives wonderful advice and examples from famous authors such as Charles Dickens, Margaret Atwood, and William Shakespeare in his short article titled:

We look forward to reading your work and inviting you into the Flapper Press Poetry Café.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!


The Flapper Press Poetry Café.

Presenting a wide range of poetry with a mission to promote a love and understanding of poetry for all. We welcome submissions for compelling poetry and look forward to publishing and supporting your creative endeavors. Submissions may also be considered for the Pushcart Prize.

General Submission Guidelines:

1. Share at least three (3) poems

2. Include a short bio of 50–100 words, written in the third person.

(Plus any website and links.)

3. Share a brief backstory on each submitted poem

4. Submit an Author's photo and any images you want to include with the poems

5. Send all submissions and questions to:

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