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The Flapper Press Poetry Café Poetry Survey

By Flapper Press Poetry Café:

April's Poetry Month celebration is over, but it's never too late to write poetry!

To get you in the mood or inspire your poetic journey, start the month of May by giving yourself this little survey concocted by Flapper Press Poetry Café Editor Annie Newcomer.

Annie's Poetry Survey:

1) What was the first poem you ever heard?

2) Do you keep a journal?

3) What is your favorite word (in the whole wide world)?

4) Do you write in a notebook or on a computer?

5) What time of day do you like to read and/or write poetry?

6) If you could only keep ONE poetry book or poem, which would it be?

7) Which do you like better: free verse or rhyming poetry?

8) What subjects do you like to write or learn about?

9) How old were you when you wrote or heard your first poem?

10) If you could meet any poet, who would you choose? Why?

For some bonus inspiration, test yourself:

  • Who is the current U.S. national poet laureate?

  • Who is your state's poet laureate?

For an extra bonus:

Here is a poetry prompt for individuals, students, and families.

Follow these steps in the exact order. Mind you, no jumping ahead!

1) Write a fortune that you wish you'd found in a fortune cookie.

2) Use that fortune to write from your heart for 10 minutes.

3) Keep that writing in a place where you can locate it again.

4) Come back next week to learn what to do with your project next!


Annie Klier Newcomer resides in Prairie Village with her two muses: David, her husband of forty-three years, and their Aussiedoodle Summit. She is a poetry editor for the Flapper Press Poetry Café and has published the poetry chapbook Comets: Relationships that Wander. Annie has studied with Molly Peacock in NYC, a guru of transportation poetry. Most notably, Annie has family living in both London and New York City, who often remind her that “you can't understand a city without using its public transportation system” (Erol Ozan).

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