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SUSPENSE—Episode 7: The Graveyard Rats

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

By John C. Alsedek:

When we do adaptations, some end up being very close to the original while others go quite far afield. But "The Graveyard Rats"? Well, the original Henry Kuttner story had one character and no dialogue, which is probably not ideal for radio! But Kuttner’s idea was so bone-chilling that it was a pleasure to flesh it out. Definitely not a good one to listen to if you have a fear of rats!

Episode 7: "The Graveyard Rats"

Stars: Daamen Krall, Christopher Duva, and Dana Perry-Hayes

A pair of New England bodysnatchers are determined to obtain a corpse—no matter where they have to go in their pursuit.

Adapted for SUSPENSE by John C. Alsedek & Dana Perry-Hayes from the short story by Henry Kuttner.


SUSPENSE writer, producer and radio-drama aficionado John C. Alsedek shares the history of early radio and television and the impact it has made on the world of entertainment in his ongoing series for Flapper Press.

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