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Sit in Your Heart

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

By Brandon Alter:

I love mysticism. I mean, is that a surprise? I'm a Tarot Reader and an Energy Healer, for goddess sake. But recently I've been guided to get back to the basics of my spiritual practice. Which for me means silent meditation.

I know, not your favorite practice. Who wants to sit in silence when you could pull cards, or cast a spell, or dance naked under the moon (yes, this is something I have been known to do from time to time)?

But the act of sitting silently, getting present, and just observing yourself is probably the most profound practice of them all. So, since spirit is encouraging me to get back to my Zen, I figured I might as well encourage you too.

Here's the deal with meditation: it's hard at first, but then it's bliss. And I get it, your head is not always the most pleasant place to be.

Brilliant writer Anne Lamont says, "My mind is a bad neighborhood I try not to go into alone."

Is that some profound shit, or what? But for me, the secret to meditation isn't about sitting in the mind; it's about sitting in your heart.

Because your heart is ALWAYS a safe place for you to be.

Consider that your mind is like the surface of the ocean. There will always be movement: waves crashing on the shore, currents of thought tugging you this way and that.

But when you sit in your heart, it's as if you've sunk to the ocean floor. Now ALL that chaos on the surface is happening miles above your head. The thoughts barely touch you.

So here's my impassioned plea: put down your phone and SIT IN YOUR HEART.

It doesn’t have to be for twenty minutes. Start small. Sit for three minutes every day. That's it, just three minutes and see what happens. If you start today, you might even get up to five minutes by Friday. But your heart misses you. So leave your mind out of it, bypass it completely.

Sit in your magnificent heart and stay there.

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