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October 2023 Astrology with Angel Lopez

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

By Angel Lopez:

This year has been like a walk on the beach through the shifting tides just as the sun is meeting that horizon line. Whether that sun is rising or setting depends on where you are in the world and where you are in your life. Some of us are reaching necessary conclusions and bidding them adieu as they wash away into the ocean of our past. Others of us are greeting new beginnings and feeling all up in that “seize the day” mode. But I’m gonna bet that most of us are in the midst of both of these; some days releasing old stories and aspects of our lives and other days welcoming in a new choice or acceptance of the world that we now exist in. What is needed in all of these scenarios is bravery, and you have got that in your pocket right now, whether you know it or not. Sometimes just to leave the house and be in this world is brave.

Make the most of this current energy and lean all the way into the changes that want to come through and be followed through on. But you may need to do some recalibrating before you’re able to fully commit. It’s not easy to just wake up one morning and be a new you. Don’t expect yourself to be able to just let go of old relationships or beliefs and never think about them again. You might dump a toxic somebody and feel fully liberated only to find an old shirt of theirs in the closet that reduces you to a puddle of regret and missing them. And you have to feel into that moment when it comes in order to move beyond it. You also have to stay the course and be strong on your new path. Going back is an option, but it’s not a very good one.

Adjustment is the name of the game for this Libra Season. To find balance in this new life of yours that wants to form, you’ve got to bend in ways that you never have. You must push yourself past your comfort zone. You need to relax in ways you thought were reserved for rich people on Instagram. You must breathe more deeply than you knew your lungs were capable of doing. And you have to make the changes you’ve only talked or thought about and actually rebel them into existence. Don’t be easy on yourself but do be gentle. Remember that you’ve evolved through past versions of you before. This time maybe feels more potent, more special. And it is. But if you can keep moving forward, you’ll be rewarded with a more loving, expansive, and joyous experience of life.

Read for your Sun sign but also check your Rising Sign, if you know it.



You’ve been on a bit of an inward journey, and you’re nearing the moment when your new growth is ready to burst through the surface and be seen. However, you still have some greater joy to reconnect to. Your inner child, who’s usually so available to you, hasn’t been as readily able to engage in the ways that it normally likes to. What’s the creative flow that’s still feeling a little clogged? Can you embrace some greater rituals and habits that will help you recall the spirit of creative play? You may also find it beneficial to shake up the partners you’ve been working with or even just the ones you’ve considered your closest of friends. Maybe it’s time to treat those new friends like besties and let the old besties take a pause. That’s not to say they’re gone forever; it’s just time for a shift of perspective, and seeing yourself through the eyes of newer friends will allow you the inspired spark you’re lacking right now.


You need to slow down and take a deep look at everything you’ve experienced over the last six months. It’s been such a whirlwind of growth and change, and you’re finally being afforded a moment to digest it and take stock of the lessons that have been trying to come through for you. And I’d wager that some of those lessons haven’t fully landed yet because you’ve been so heavily immersed in living through the experiences that are bringing them on. What can you do to tap into some greater self-analysis on a daily basis? Yes, you can journal and meditate, but see if those types of habits are actually providing you the deeper resonance you need. If you’re just spending that time thinking about what you need to buy at the grocery store, then maybe you’re not getting the full effects of the inner work. Figure out more creative ways to detach from the ins and outs of your daily life so that you can shift yourself in a more profound way.


Your joy is currently tied into just how well you’re feeling able to fully express yourself in all areas of your life. You need to feel capable of bringing all of you everywhere you go. So, if there are environments you’re forced into spending time in these days where you can’t exist completely as you are, you may need to start negotiating how to shift your way out of them. That goes for work, relationships, and home environments. There is a wild amount of new-beginnings energy flourishing all around you, and you’ll want to take full advantage of the situations where those exciting changes are springing up. And being tethered to people, places, and things that don’t give you the freedom to be who and how you want to be right now will fully dampen your shine. So release what’s holding you back and let these exciting, fresh energies take hold.


It may be time to readjust some of your ambitions as a response to all of the shifting circumstances that have been occurring around you. You shouldn’t necessarily be chasing after dreams that no longer live on a foundation built on any semblance of reality. We’re talking you want to be a ballerina but haven’t been to a dance class since you were a teen. If you’re pursuing something that you’ve been working toward, then continue on. However, you need to approach it in a more lived-in way. That is, live as if the dream is already somewhat of a reality. If you’re single but want a partner, then clear out half the closet and put some flowers on their nightstand as if they’ll walk in any moment to smell them. Be doing the job you want on top of the job you have to have. Hang out in the neighborhood where you imagine living. This is all a bit of magical thinking, but that’s the way to find a dream fulfilled.


I hope you’ve been busy falling in love with yourself these past few weeks. You deserve to look in the mirror or just hear your own voice and think, Damn, I’m so lovely. Now, no one has ever accused you of lacking confidence or self-love, but you may have found that you’ve been giving to others so much that it is hard to remember what makes you so wonderful. Continue to focus on your favorite traits about yourself as you begin to negotiate any new beginnings that are on the horizon. And discover some new mantras for your mental words to wrap around, ones that will bolster your sense of courage and level of dignity. What lives in your mind can come alive easily in the world. You’ve proven that before with tasks or project you’ve embarked on in the past. But what about making yourself the ultimate project? Apply that optimistic mentality to your state of being and watch your better self arrive in its fuller form.


You are finally entering an era of “brand new,” but that means you have some decisions to make on who, what, and where is getting more of your committed time and focus. You’ve probably already done some weeding out, at least in your mind and spirit. Now you just have to follow through on the actual eliminations of those people, places, and things from your life. You also know that there are some people and things you can’t avoid or get rid of, even if you’d like to. For those, you just need to change your outlook on them. And don’t give them all the energy: give your energy to the newer people who are making your heart sing; to the new opportunities that help you find and foster a more soulfully connected community; to the new ideas that push you toward the dreams you’ve always had; and to living days that leave you lying in bed at the end of them, knowing you put your own truth and self-growth first.


If your life was a TV series, you’d find yourself in one of those seasons where the characters have all gone through a major time jump and the audience is catching up with their new lives, already in progress. This is what it must feel like to be living your life right now, as if you’re playing catch up with your own fresh start. Things have maybe shifted so quickly that you might not even realize you’re in a new season of your life. And that makes sense, as some changes came without notice or were launched from circumstances out of your control, leaving you winded or frustrated and thinking things aren’t where you’d hoped they’d be. Try to give those feelings over to faith and employ some greater trust in the Universe’s plan for you, as well as in your spirit’s ability to guide you along your path in a meaningful way. If you can, you’ll recognize just how many gifts this current moment in time has for you and how well your character is being set up to succeed.


Your life has you being asked to manage a level of balance that even the most skilled of tightrope walkers would struggle to do. Your career world has been calling on you plenty, which has been forcing you to reconsider your relationship with purpose and whether or not the path you’re on is actually taking you toward something that’ll ultimately be meaningful. Your community of friends, colleagues, and loved ones want you here and there for your special kind of intuitive insights and passionate contributions. And your closest relationships are feeling more fun and connected in a way that has you relaxing into them more deeply. However, all of this probably has you feeling rather drained and depleted. Can you please schedule yourself some important alone time to replenish? Your soul needs you in the form of a long walk in nature, a solo day at a museum, or just a day off listening to a book while lying in bed. Time in the car isn’t enough; prioritize your need to revitalize sans another.


You owe it to yourself to structure a better routine for your body, mind, and spirit. I know you’re focused on work and making sure that everyone knows you’re a badass at what you do. However, you’d be better equipped at doing so if you had a stronger foundation. Remember, you don’t entirely love to do life all alone, and you have a parade of folks to call on when it comes to reinvigorating your self-care practices. Satisfy both your need to see people and to take better care by combining some healthy routines with people you love. Who can be a new hiking or yoga buddy? Is there someone who’d also be into taking that course or visiting that exhibit with you? You’re also one to take a trip, so maybe finding someone to take a wellness escape with you would be amazing. What you’ll find is that these things will also lead to work opportunities, so it’ll all connect in the long run if you’re doing right by your soul’s needs.


No one talks a greater game than you. You’re brilliant at confidently executing an explanation, and you’re vocal about big ideas and plans that you convince others will come to fruition. However, you don’t always take full responsibility for all of your words. You may wax poetic about an idea or an opinion that you then realize is too challenging to accomplish, only to then abandon any sense of its existence. “I never said that.” Sound familiar? It’s time to be more culpable for your words when they lead down a road to nowhere. You don’t have to admit defeat; you just have to listen to yourself a little better, and with that comes listening to others more. You may find that another is able to help you bring your dreams into reality, but you’re just stubbornly keeping them away in hopes that you alone will solve the problem. No one needs a hero—they just need your brilliance to come through by any and all means necessary.


You’ve been wrestling with a lot of big change in your life, which has pushed you to install some more day-to-day changes to the way you’re living. But let’s face it, you’re wrestling with those changes too. It just doesn’t feel easy to establish anything at this moment. Try thinking of things from a greater perspective. Wonder what it would really cost you to change your diet, your spiritual routine, or any of the things you’re trying to manifest into being. And imagine if these changes would contribute to a more potent sense of worth and purpose. It’s also important that you believe in yourself. If you’re missing out on some commitment to certain things, could it be that you just need to employ a stronger sense of personal belief? Try taking a more philosophical approach to it all, as if the things you need to be doing right now for your goals were tenets of a new religion founded by you. Be the kind of leader who walks their talk.


The importance of taking yourself more seriously is a major headline at the moment. You’re probably dealing with life on a very intense level these days, being forced into experiences that tap into the deeper aspects of life. This is not a time to coast. It’s a time to really consider what you’re doing with your life and if any major changes need to occur so that you’re better connected to a truer sense of purpose. The thing is, you don’t always like to take initiative. You sometimes prefer to just fall into the stream and see where it takes you. Consider this as a moment where the stream has pushed you onto shore and there’s a visible fork ahead. You must choose which direction to jump in and swim toward. Or, maybe you just get out of the stream altogether and start heading inland, toward the hills. Whatever path you choose, have a clear reason and commit to some goals you can get excited for and actually believe in.


Angel Lopez is a film producer, writer, astrologer, and co-host of the podcast, THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ alongside his husband, our Spiritual Guru Brandon Alter. Angel has been studying and working with both tarot and astrology for twenty years. He hosted the astrology web-series, ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL, and writes the blog ASTROLOGY REALNESS. He has also had pieces published on and The Huffington Post.

On the film side, Angel produced the Sundance Film Festival award winning film DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, as well as the features THE DINNER and STATE LIKE SLEEP. He also wrote and directed his own short film, I CAN’T WITH YOU, which had its premiere at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, and he recently finished producing filmmaker Justin Simien’s second feature, BAD HAIR. Visit to learn more. To sign up for The Spiritual Gayz newsletter click here.

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