Numerology Forecast, May 2019

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

The Numbers 1–9 speak beautifully for the month of May, 2019—a crazy, wonderful set of 31 incredible days! This month, all nine numbers behave in outrageous and unexpected ways!

As the fifth month of the year, be prepared for personality shifts in everyone you know! In North America, winter is mostly over, and friends are anxious to celebrate their escape from the indoors! Outside, the world is taking on a new facade, insisting on getting our attention with vibrant colors and fragrances. Personalities are re-inventing themselves!

Those who were once impulsive and impatient have subdued those tendencies. Instead, they are placing the needs of others ahead of their own while creating new paths to explore.

Those individuals who were once content to be cheerleaders are now forging new directions as they lead us with quiet determination while sharing their intuitive insights. Storytelling entertainers are sharing their newly developed organizational skills, making us love and appreciate them even more.

Worthy solutions from visionary organizers educate us with their scientific minds while using newly discovered methods of communication. Adventurous, freedom-loving travelers lead us on exciting expeditions while sharing their knowledge and innovative methods of building sound infrastructures. Family icons teach love in profoundly beautiful ways that uplift and inspire us all. Spiritual leaders who resonate with their higher consciousness build trips to ancient worlds as they make it easy for us to join them in their explorations. Business owners and managers clone themselves as worker bees in order to get it all done! Old souls from the age of 3 to 103 and beyond are showing us innovations for creating outcomes not yet witnessed on planet Earth!

Yes, it is a magical and beautiful time to be alive in the month of May, 2019, sharing our God-given gifts with humanity!

Once you calculate your Life Path Number,

read your May 2019 forecast below!

Numerology Possibilities for May 2019!

Number 1

Anything is possible this beautiful month of May for you, Number 1. Your willingness to be open to new perspectives and listen carefully to the reflections of others instills confidence in your followers. Stamina is required to remain focused, and that is your strength while simultaneously forging new path. Talk about re-inventing yourself! With the new, lovable, cuddly persona you've sincerely created, you hit the jackpot! Your new perspective is endearing. "Stunning" is how others view your re-vamped personality. Putting the needs of others ahead of your own (without being nudged to do so), delights everyone involved. We love this new side of your leadership!

Number 1 Productive Days: 1, 5,10,14,15,19, 23, 25, 28, 29

Stay Alert: 2, 3, 7,16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27, 30, 31

Number 2

May is enlightening for you, dear Number 2. With so many beautiful plants and trees in bloom on your path, your walks with loved ones invigorate your attitude of appreciation. The energy you share with friends and family is magical. Everyone loves to be in your presence this month. Just make sure to stay focused as you do your researc