June Tarotscopes with Brandon Alter

By Brandon Alter:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. I’ve been struggling with the basics. And no, I haven’t done all the things I’m supposed to do right now: like put on regular clothes when I wake up or commit to some sort of routine—so maybe this is all my fault. But I’m curious if there isn’t a deeper existential crisis sweeping through all of us at this time. And nobody, I mean nobody, corners the market in existential angst like Gemini.

I mean this as a complement. Gemini is the sign of the question. It wants to know why. It wants to understand. It is the first Air sign of the Zodiac, after all. And it will follow any thought stream, any conversation, no matter how bizarre, just to find their why. As Gemini season approaches (and Venus really lingers in this sign), we all become honorary Geminis, which allows us all to seek out the deeper meaning in our lives. No longer can we stave off the nagging curiosities of our soul. No longer will the status quo or surface answers satisfy us—now we are being invited into our why, the one that really matters.

The question I’m grappling with right now (and maybe you are too) is: Why bother? And this is such a perfect question to be asking as we approach the Gemini New Moon. Because the truth is, there are a lot of things in our lives that we shouldn’t be bothering with anymore. Remember that a New Moon is when the Sun and the Moon meet up in the sky. It’s essentially when your ego and your heart are in alignment, and they can have a conversation without interference. So the conversation your ego and your heart are having is about what things in your life are worth waking up for in the morning.

What people, places, activities, and endeavors actually mean something to you? It may be uncomfortable at first, but it’s ultimately liberating to explore the deeper motivation of our lives. If we were doing things for money and just money, what did we think we needed all that money for? If we were doing things for fame or prestige or status, why did we feel the need for all that? If we were doing things to impress certain people, why did we feel we needed their approval? The time has come to question everything about yourself, and in this relentless questioning we begin to find ways to get free.

There are four planets retrograde in the sky right now (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and our girl Venus), and this sort of major cosmic slowdown is asking us to get still and find our center. Working with planets when they are moving direct is like trying to have a serious conversation while jogging—it’s hard AF. So the retrograde parade happening right now allows us to meditate with these planets, to experience them in their stillness. And stillness is where we can begin to notice that a lot of the things we’ve been chasing no longer hold their allure. And that, babies, is when the spell gets broken. That’s when we reclaim our power. When we remember that we can choose the story of our life. We can choose what we want to commit to. We get to choose the why behind everything. That’s why we have to question everything in the first place.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, meaning duality. And isn’t that exactly what good questions do? Don’t they open up multiple possibilities? Now, multiple possibilities can create anxiety because we just want the answer, and we want it now. But I’m suggesting that there are many answers available. And perhaps Gemini season can be our opportunity to stand squarely in these in-between states, letting all the possibilities swirl around us without feeling the need to choose any particular one.

Lay down your certainty and pick up a magnifying glass; you are a detective on the trail of what still holds deep meaning for you. Don’t feel the need to solve the case immediately. Enjoy the twists and turns of each clue you find. Life is still here, and it is still worth living; but you must determine for yourself why that is so. And no one can do that for you and, frankly, no one should. Be brave, courageous, and compassionate as you take these next few weeks to have conversations with yourself and others that help illuminate and expose what still holds meaning for you and what no longer does.

Gemini Season also contains our first eclipse of our Summer Eclipse Season. It’s not just a Full Moon come June 5th, it’s a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipse Season will straddle Gemini and Cancer Seasons this summer; and let me remind you, Eclipses are cosmic course correctors. They take things away to put us back on path; sometimes the