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January 2021 Tarotscopes with Brandon Alter

By Brandon Alter:

As an Astrologer, I struggle with the concept of a New Year because the Gregorian calendar we live by is arbitrary at best. Nothing actually happens between the 31st of December and the 1st of January as far as the heavens are concerned. But, as humans, time is the means by which we measure our lives. We are Time Beings. In the same way that birds have wings and live the majority of their lives in the realm of the sky, we have these brain clocks and live in the realm of time.

As the system we use to chronicle the linear experience of our lives, the Gregorian calendar holds value. But it only holds value because we give it value, the same way a hundred dollar bill is, at its essence, just a dirty piece of paper that we’ve collectively agreed is worth a hundred dollars. So all that having been said, there is a value in looking at the story the planets will tell in 2021 as compared with 2020. But do keep in mind these are chapters placed at random. The planetary stories are long, sometimes longer than a human life. To divide them into sequences 365 days long is like dropping a period. anywhere. you please in. a sentence.

Keeping that context in mind, the overall energy of 2021 is rather different than 2020. Last year was, in no uncertain terms, an astrological onslaught. It was relentless, rupturing, and required all of us to dig deep for our resiliency. This is not to suggest 2021 will be a cake-walk—because, babies, it will not—but it will give us moments to catch our breath. The big story of 2020 began with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, followed by Mars as he made hard aspects to those planets and then culminating with the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in December. It was like an initial explosion followed by continual attacks. That same part of the sky, the late degrees of Capricorn, was pretty much besieged the whole year. And what was the purpose of all this? Who knows? We can make educated guesses but, truthfully, we are still discovering that together. While it's tempting to immediately contextualize the trauma we’ve been living through, we’re still in it. But one thing is clear, the triggering action of Saturn and Pluto getting together to fuck shit up was a catalyst for our collective spiritual awakening.

Yeah, you heard me. It’s a spiritual awakening. We’re all having one, individually and collectively. The only difference is that some of us are waking up and others are trying to snooze their way through the alarm. Those of us leaning in are waking up to the barrage of bullshit we’ve grown accustomed to, either through our own privilege, brainwashing, or just plain ignorance. Those of us leaning away are doubling down on old systems of segregation, insecurity and fear. But for all its intensity and action, 2020 was just a preamble to a longer, much larger story. 2021 is chapter one. Simply put: the bomb has gone off, now what?

The major celestial activities of 2021 involve Saturn (of course), Jupiter (hey, gurl), Mars (‘cuz he just won’t quit), and Uranus (new phone, who dis?). Three times throughout the year, Uranus and Saturn will square each other (the Astrological equivalent of an arm wrestling match): once in February, again in June, and finally in December. A few weeks after each of these squares, Mars will bring his particular brand of angst to the party by squaring them as well. As outer planets, Saturn and Uranus move slowly and basically hang out in a loose square all year long. They will ebb and flow with each other, never quite able to escape the other’s orbit. After the third and final square in December, Saturn will break away, and the next chapter gets written. But what is this current chapter about, the one we're living in?

Well, this Saturn/Uranus chapter is part of a book that takes place from 1988–2023, just to give ya'll some perspective here. 1988 was the last time they came together to start a new 45ish-year cycle. In 1999, they had an opening square, a lover's quarrel if you will. In 2008, they had an opposition, or a stalemate where they both dug in their heels. But this chapter is juicy because it's a closing square. It's the beginning of a resolution between the two. They're gonna fight, yes, but they're also gonna kiss and make up.

The first significant interpretation I notice about this Saturn and Uranus tension is related to the fact that they both rule the sign of Aquarius (where much of the cosmic action occurs this year). Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, but once Uranus was discovered, modern Astrologers let this new planet of creativity, chaos, inspiration, and innovation rule over the Aquarian domain. In some ways, the Saturn/Uranus square is a battle between the old guard and the new guard, and the battlefield is humanity (Aquarius) itself. But I’m not here to promote doom and gloom astrology; a square isn’t actually a war, it’s an arm wrestling match. And the best arm wrestling matches have players shake hands at the end. That’s the true invitation with a square: compromise and collaboration. Each of us must learn how to shake hands across the aisle, and we must learn to do so for the good of all of us.

Here’s the other thing that’s important to remember: the planets are inside us as well as outside us. Astrology is built on the principle that planetary energy doesn't just act on us, we manifest it from within. So we must learn how to shake hands with ourselves across the aisle as well. The Uranus/Saturn square has external consequences (as we are already seeing play out in the world), but the internal effects should be as closely tended. The keyword for this year-long Saturn/Uranus square story is INTEGRATION. 2021 challenges us to integrate what we’ve learned in 2020 and how to proceed from there.

Brandon Alter & Angel Lopez aka The Spiritual Gayz

Obviously there's more than just Saturn and Uranus making moves in 2021, but they are the headliners. Consider this the “coming attractions” for the movie that starts today. And like any good action film, it starts off with a bang. That inciting incident is the New Moon. This is our first New Moon since the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in December, which you may recall started us all on new 20-year and 200-year cycles. As our first New Moon since, it sets the tone for both of those chapters. This New Moon is a powerhouse. She takes place in Capricorn on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. (PST) and is conjunct Pluto, the planet of death, power, and deep soul transformation. In 2020, Pluto was partially (mostly) responsible for massive and necessary demolition of our Capricorn structures. Pluto showed us, through COVID, through inept leadership, through pain and death and power struggles, how crumbling our societal and bureaucratic structures have been. It’s been deep, it’s been real, and it’s been rough.

In 2021, Pluto’s like, "Hey, ya’ll, sorry not sorry, but you want some help rebuilding?"

To me, the message of this New Moon is simple and direct: the only way to tell a new story is to be a new person. We’ve been in a literal and metaphorical cocoon in 2020. Now as we emerge and test our wings, we are charged to take actions as butterflies, not caterpillars. These year-long Saturn/Uranus squares demand we continue to take action as new people in a new world. The New Moon helps us crystallize who this new you really is. This new you may be tested and refined throughout the year, that’s fine. We will keep changing because the more we change, the closer we get to who we really are. But that doesn’t let us off the hook for getting clear on who we are now and who we refuse to be anymore.

That’s the power of Pluto. Pluto says the old you is dead, and no magician can resurrect them. I encourage you to use the energy of this New Moon to set some major intentions, because Pluto is listening. For example, Tuesday night, a good friend and I are getting together (over the phone) to share our goals for the next twenty years. It's a long time period, but this current Astrology practically demands we think big-picture thoughts. Capricorn is the future we can see. Aquarius is the future we can't see. Both require our commitment at this time.

Forgive the length of this update, but Mercury is currently in Aquarius, which makes me chatty as hell, and even if he weren’t, there’s so much interesting astrology that needs to be addressed, I’d probably still talk your ear off anyways. Let’s continue to explore Aquarius and Taurus because they are the hotspots of 2021. They’re the hotspots because Saturn and Jupiter will be spending the whole year in Aquarius (full disclosure: Jupiter will dip into Pisces for 10 dreamy weeks from the end of May to the beginning of July, but she’s mostly in Aquarius for 2021). And Taurus is a hotspot because Uranus spends all year there causing a ruckus but also liberating us, too.

In the Tarot, the card that corresponds to Taurus is the Hierophant. This is a card that gets its name from the Ancient Greek word hierophantos, which refers to the priests who conducted the initiation rites of the Eleusinian mysteries. These were the mysteries given by the Great Goddess Ceres (also known as Demeter). Remember her? Her daughter, Persephone, was snatched up by Hades and forced to spend half the year in the land of the dead and the other half in the land of the living. The mysteries she gave to humanity were informed by nature, the seasons, the never-ending cycle of life and death. Taurus, as an Earth sign, is connected to Mother Earth herself and shares plenty of resonance with these themes.

The Eleusinian mysteries aren't about organized religion, they're about the numinous quality of natural cycles. A cycle is a persistent, unchanging rhythm. Think of the phases of the moon or the movement of the tides. But Uranus in Taurus is going to change our rhythms. Uranus as a disruptor (that’s the function of this planet) wants to free us from what's gone before. So all of a sudden we are in the midst a MAJOR change in rhythm. And this year we really get a sense of the new time signature in which we dance our lives. It's as if we've been living in a waltz, going about our lives in 3/4 time. Now we're in a tango, dancing to 4/4. It's going to take a little while to integrate this new rhythm into our lives, we may stumble or miss a step, but there's no going back. It's tango or bust.

Uranus will be in Taurus until 2026, so for all we know the tango is just a layover on our way to 6/8 time, a jig. But wherever we're heading, Uranus in Taurus is important this year because it’s being triggered by the Saturn square. Whatever Saturn touches demands our attention and our discipline. We cannot ignore Uranus in Taurus, and we certainly can't ignore Saturn in Aquarius, who wants us to get to work and to pick up our discipline.

Saturn in Aquarius means we will be exploring the Aquarian themes of technology, social cooperation, and the future through the tough-love lens of Saturn. But don't panic, Jupiter's there too, remember her? She brings a decidedly more optimistic approach, which adds to (what I'm calling) the clap-on/clap-off vibe of 2021. There will be moments of tension and conflict (clap on) and moments of relief and optimism (clap off). What we need to continue to keep in mind is that the planets are always moving, which means all this will pass. And unlike the persistent bummer of 2020, 2021 will give us breaks, so just keep swimming.

I could go on but I'll save it for Astro Club, your go-to monthly safe space for Astrological insights. If you're curious to explore the areas of Taurus and Aquarius in your own chart or just want more information about the next few weeks of cosmic activity, join us, The Spiritual Gayz, on Tuesday the 19th for a light-hearted conversation and Q&A designed to build community and your Astrological knowledge. Beginners are welcome, as are seasoned astrologers. These monthly meetings are all about advancing your practice of Astrology through personal exploration, lively connection, and fun.

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You'll find your Tarotscopes below.

As always, read for your Sun Sign, and if that's not enough, go ahead and read your Rising Sign as well.



Three of Pentacles (reversed)

Ok, Working Gurl, it's back to business. Whenever I see the Three of Pentacles, I think about branding. There's something in this card that suggests we need to get clear on what our unique approach is. Maybe I've been watching too much Shark Tank over the break, but I'm curious: how will you stand out in the marketplace? It's not so much about trying to be different, rather it's about respecting that you already are different. The way you come to your work is unique. Leaning into this uniqueness is your ticket to success.

The upside-down quality of this card may suggest your reticence to embrace your singular approach to whatever it is you consider your work in the world. Perhaps you wish you could go about your business like everyone else. Well, you can't. And that's part of your magic. Accepting your niche will help open you up to abundance. Remember, a friend to everyone is a friend to no one. An offering so broad it applies to everyone may be too general to actually serve anyone. It's ok to narrow your focus and crystallize your intention—in fact it's more than ok; it's good business.

As you spend this moonth gaining clarity on your true specialties, start to open up to collaborations and partnerships with people who can help you fill in the cracks. Once you know your signature, you can invite others to help you broaden back out. But that only comes after you can communicate the core of your intention. I know this all seems so capitalistic, but you're a Capricorn, first and foremost, and Pentacles are the suit of work, career, and finances. January (and some of February) wants to find you getting to work, but not working hard—working smart, working clever, working like only you can.


Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is a lot . . . like, the most. It's extra. It's abundant. It's cash, prizes, and opportunities—maybe more than any one person can handle. The first thing that comes to mind is just how much Aquarius energy is in the heavens right now. As I write this, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pallas Athena (an asteroid worth our attention) are all hanging out in Aquarius. Come the 20th of January, the Sun also enters in Aquarius; come February 2nd Venus slides in there as well. The peak of this is February 10th–13th, when the Moon enters Aquarius as well. That's (count them) seven celestial bodies in Aquarius all at once. Talk about abundance!

So what's an Aquarius to do with all this Aquarian energy? Spread it around. You see, Tens in the Tarot, as a double digit, ask us to consider more than just personal implications; Tens invite our community into the equation. When you have more food than you could possibly eat, you throw a dinner party to share the bounty. Your current assignment is to share your Aquarian gifts with the world. Not everyone is as inherently comfortable with Aquarius energy as you are, so we need you to help everyone lean into the invitations at hand.

If you look closely at this card, you'll notice that the ten Pentacles are arranged in a shape known as the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a concept from Kabbalah that charts how energy makes its way from source through the realms to manifest here on Earth. The pentacle at the bottom is us, that's where we live in physical reality. This is important to know because it reminds us that prosperity doesn't start here on Earth, it merely flowers here. The roots of magic are in the upper branches of the tree, and if we are not connected to those worlds, none of our efforts will ripen. January (and some of February) wants to find you making magic and remind those around you how "real" magic can be.


Four of Cups (reversed)

Some periods of our life require more introspection and stillness than others. That doesn't always mean we welcome those moments with open arms and open hearts. Sometimes, most times, when an invitation for retreat comes along, we would rather be anywhere else. And perhaps that's how you're feeling right now, which is completely understandable. Especially considering that 2020 was a forced hermitude for all of us, you might be raring to re-enter the world. But the cards would gently suggest otherwise.

The Four of Cups is a much-needed emotional reset. It asks us to get out of the river of our lives and sit on the shore for a while. In some ways, this card wants to help us sober up from whatever we've become desensitized to. For example, if you grew up in a naked house, you're probably pretty numb to nudity. If you drink coffee every day, you're likely pretty immune to caffeine. What emotions, attitudes, and situations have you grown dull to? You won't know until you remove yourself from them.

The core of the invitation here is to wake your heart back up! Throw some cold water on that sleepy organ and bring your senses back to life. When you disconnect from the drama, you are more available to the truth of your heart and the gifts that spirit wants to hand you. Notice the hand coming out of the cloud, giving you a goblet—that's spirit trying to give you a magical elixir. If you're too obsessed with the cups in front of you, or if you're occupied by the currents of the river, you'll never be able to receive that offering. January (and some of February) wants to find you resensitizing yourself to your heart, reclaiming your emotions from the grips of others and giving yourself permission to rest and reset.


Ten of Wands

She's like, "2021, you are my bitch. I've got a plan, I've got a back-up plan, I've got lists of goals and two pots of coffee running through my bloodstream, here we go!" Sound familiar? It should, because she is you, gurl! And yet, the Ten of Wands would suggest your candle, burning at both ends, is about to expire. So what's an ambitious Aries supposed to do with the gnawing premonition of burnout on the precipice of a brand new year poised for the taking? Maybe just start the New Year in February; hell, start it in March. No seriously, just because you're supposed to be amped and ready to go doesn't mean you have to jump just because the calendar says so. The cards are suggesting a slower, more collaborative approach to this first month of 2021.

Look at the poor person in the card, struggling under the weight of those wands. Those wands are magic, they represent ideas and actions and inspirations that carry lighting. And yet, when they're all jumbled together like that, they look more like firewood than magic wands. That's the thing about our aspirations, too many of them and we buckle under the weight of our own ambition. Whenever I see this card, I just want to step in and tell this dude to put some fucking wands down! You don't need to be carrying them all right now. Put some down and come back for them later. Or better yet, ask a friend to help you carry some.

You see, Tens in the Tarot, as a double digit, ask us to consider our community. The Ten of Wands, especially, wants to remind us that our goals don't exist in a vacuum. We are all connected, our goals buoy one another. As a born leader, you must take a step back from your personal goals and contemplate who else will be served by them. And then, maybe, ask their help to bring them to fruition. Aries are independent AF, and they don't always have the patience to wait around for someone to return their call. But that's your challenge this moonth: just because you can do it all by yourself, doesn't mean you should. Besides, a party is always more fun with a robust guest list. January (and some of February) wants to find you reaching out for help, re-prioritizing what actually needs to be done right now, and trying to re-stoke your fire before you burn all the way out.


Page of Pentacles (reversed)

Of all the signs, I feel like Taureans are going to feel 2021 the most—the good, the bad, and the confusing. Here's why: Uranus, who's been in Taurus since 2019, is all up in your business; and Uranus will continue to be up in your business until 2026. But that doesn't mean you'll always notice his presence. It's like a baby sleeping in a room in your house, you really only notice them when they wake up and start crying. Well this Saturn/Uranus square is basically going to have that baby crying all year long. But don't panic, Uranus isn't a baby. Uranus is the great liberator. This year wants to get you liberated in a major way—from old cycles, old patterns, and old bullshit.

So what's that have to do with the Page of Pentacles? Well, the Page of Pentacles is a natural fit for an Earth sign like yourself because this Page is the only card in the deck that is double Earth. Pentacles are associated with the Earth element because they concern our physical reality. Pages are associated with the Earth element because they ground the energy of the suit and help us integrate and take action in slow, measured ways. So this year starts you off with this assignment: to take slow, measured steps in new and unusual ways. The upside-down quality of this card suggests some upheaval of the Uranian kind. There's a shake up happening, and now you need to get your bearings and move forward accordingly.

At its essence, this card wants us to remember our relationship with Nature. That means our bodies, our immediate environments, the food we eat, the animals we nurture, even the plants or gardens we tend. The more we can return to the rhythms of nature, the more we can remember our own true nature. The shocking changes that may be visiting you this year are to free you up and return you to yourself. If you can continue to stay close to the ground, connected to your own body and the Earth on which you stand, I promise you'll thank Uranus at the end of all this. January (and some of February) wants to find you renegotiating your day-to-day activities so that they fully reflect the transformations you've been through.


Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is you when you keep your eye on the prize and continue committing to your goals at any cost. There is a hardy, unrelenting quality to this energy. It doesn't quit, and while it may take no for an answer, it knows exactly who to ask next. This is the true manifestor of the Tarot, meaning that the Knight of Pentacles knows how to move dreams forward, how to follow a vision from inception to fruition. So long as you don't give up, you'll get there, baby.

Manifesting is such a spiritual white-lady buzzword I hesitate to use it so freely, but it's a word with power. Because you're a Gemini, I feel like you'll appreciate a brief etymological exploration of this word. It's from the Latin manifastere, which means to make public. And isn't that exactly what goals are all about? You make your inner vision public. You choose to bring forth a story, a business, a relationship from the dreamland inside yourself and share it with the world. It's actually an act of generosity. When we manifest, we are making our invisible world visible—we are sharing deeply of ourselves. It's vulnerable and powerful work.

The key to any manifesting is in the clarity of your intention. How you get what you want isn't nearly as important as what you want. When you're crystal clear on "the what," you can surrender "the how" to the wisdom of Spirit. The magic of manifestation is that you don't get to know how your dreams will become realized. But so long as you commit to them, can smell them, taste them, feel them as if they were already here, they do come true. January (and some of February) wants to find you doing the hard work of clarifying your vision so that the compassionate cosmos knows exactly what slow magic it should start delivering down the pipeline.


Justice (reversed)

Justice is a turning point on the journey. You're just a hair closer to the finish line than you are to the starting line. With that momentum comes perspective. You can look back and see the road you've traveled. And having put some miles behind you, you're better positioned to understand the road thus far. Simply put, Justice comes to us when we are ready to receive an understanding of the experience of our life. It's a profound moment, when we can appreciate why our individual road has had its unique twists and turns. There comes gratitude for the journey.

Healing is truly about context. When we can place the events of our lives within a narrative that gives them meaning, even the worst situations can be healed. Justice gives us a comprehensive, expansive context for our lives so far. There's an invitation into acceptance here. Perhaps, now, you are coming to understand that there was no other way for you to make it to this very moment. Every experience in your life has been necessary so that you could arrive exactly where you are.

Justice calls us to action. First it gives us greater awareness of who we are and what we are doing here. Then it entrusts us with our sacred work. Understanding leads to action. January (and some of February) wants to find you taking action in ways that are fundamental to who you are. As you catch glimmers of your soul's purpose, it's vital you put them into action. In some ways, Justice teaches us about the concepts of cause and effect, of divine law and karma. Consequences, both good and bad, tend to catch up to us here. So keep your eyes peeled and your heart open for unfinished business that seeks closure and gifts from past deeds that have been trying to reach you.


The Fool (reversed)

If you're a fixed sign (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus), the Saturn/Uranus squares of 2021 may affect you more profoundly. The square energy shoots over into the house of your Sun (or rising), which means you, more than others, are tasked with integrating these large energies personally. While Sagittarians and Pisceans may be able to just observe the collective energy playing out in real time, you're gonna feel it play out within your very being, which makes the Fool card infinitely applicable to your month and, frankly, year ahead.

The Magic of the Fool is that the Fool is nothing. The Fool is the wind, the breath of the Goddess, infinite possibility. The Fool stands at the edge of NO thing and EVERY thing, the precipice of incarnation—the narrow bridge between chaos and order. It's not just a card about starting over, it's a card about wiping yourself clean from anything that's gone before. The Fool has no concept of fear, gender, or judgment. The Fool is just pure presence, openness, and willingness. The Fool's ability to encounter all things without trying to categorize or label makes them more available to the encounter. As you can tell, the Fool is free.

Interestingly, the Fool is commonly associated with the planet Uranus. Fool energy disrupts the status quo, erases the past, and charges forth into an electric future. Perhaps this card has selected your sign to represent it because Leo's know how to make the personal public. They know how to bring their hearts to the front of the class for show and tell. You can demonstrate for all of us the healing power of Uranian energy. While it might feel scary to start over, to not know, to play the fool, it is in fact the most liberating thing there is. Whatever cliff's edge you find yourself flirting with this moonth, trust the wind and jump. January (and some of February) wants to find you challenging your preconceived notions around your own identity and how things are "supposed to go." You are not who you have been, you are free.


Three of Cups (reversed)

Show me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. Maybe it's not quite that simple, but surely our closest relationships reflect back an aspect of our true selves. Think about that for a moment: if you are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with, does that thrill you or terrify you? Ideally, our best friends can show us the best of ourselves and challenge us to grow into the potential they see for us.

But sometimes our nearest and dearest are dependent on who we've been for comfort. They don't want to see us change because it threatens their status-quo. Heartbreakingly, it can be our oldest, most treasured friends that struggle to see who we are becoming. This is when we must make some hard choices. This is when we must seek out some new companions who aren't invested in our staying the same; rather, they can meet us as we are without bringing all that baggage of who we've been along for the ride.

I'm not suggesting you break up with your high-school besties, I'm simply bringing to your attention an invitation to open up to some new friends, especially if you've been taking your transformation seriously. The Three of Cups shows us with our sisters, our soul family, those beings with whom we are cut from the same cloth. And if you've been evolving, mutating your spiritual DNA, then perhaps there are new sisters on the horizon ready to celebrate you and reflect your radiance back to you. You've been doing the work, so you deserve a valid reflection—don't be surprised if you're almost blinded by your own light.


Eight of Wands (reversed)

Man plans, the Goddess laughs; it's the oldest story there is. We want what we want when we want it, and yet the divine has other plans. Maybe we aren't actually ready to receive it. Maybe getting the thing we want would destroy us. Maybe it's just not time. Whatever the reason, divine timing trumps all. The Eight of Wands wants to teach us about trusting the timing of our lives. Notice I didn't say patience. Because sometimes divine timing needs you to hurry the fuck up before your window of opportunity closes. And sometimes it needs you to slow down so that people are hungry for your masterpiece when it's ready.

Consider Van Gogh: his work feeds us as contemporary people, but he was completely overlooked in his own time. That was his karma. I'm not saying he did anything wrong, but it goes to show you that the success of our offerings is dependent on the right audience. And just because you're chomping at the bit to release your bestseller doesn't mean everyone is ready to read it. The key to knowing if the time is right is in noticing how much resistance is around you. If each step forward feels like a Herculean effort, perhaps you're supposed to wait for the wind. However, if things are flying and grace is at your back, keep cooking.

At its essence, the Eight of Wands is a moment where we either speed up or slow down based on the wind. Imagine yourself as a sailor on a sailboat: if the wind is blowing, you better hoist those sails; but if it isn't, don't tire yourself out worrying about when the wind will come. Spend that time enjoying the view, swimming in the water, working on your tan. Eights are evolutions, major leaps forward. And Wands rule over our vitality, our fire, our creativity, and our sex. Let your energy and how you spend it evolve. January (and some of February) wants to find you trusting the timing and, most importantly, yourself.


The Moon

If you're a fixed sign (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus), the Saturn/Uranus squares of 2021 may affect you more profoundly. The square energy shoots over into the house of your Sun (or rising), which means you, more than others, are tasked with integrating these large energies personally. While Sagittarians and Pisceans may be able to just observe the collective energy playing out in real time, you're gonna feel it play out within your very being, which makes the Moon card infinitely applicable to your month and, frankly, year ahead.

The Moon ushers us into strangeness, unknown psychic territory, and the great beyond. It's a card that asks us to not just look at our fears but allow them to swallow us whole. As the celestial body closest to Earth, the Moon rules us in so many ways: the tides of our heart, our dreamscapes, our intuitive gifts. When we find ourselves in a Moon moment, we are being invited into the opposite of the status quo. This idea is quite Uranian in nature, especially as Uranus challenges none other than Father Saturn, keeper of the status-quo. The moon isn't so much rebellion as revelation, an opportunity to lose yourself in far-off worlds without worrying about finding your way back.

You might find that your means of coping with the tension of this current moment is a necessary retreat into dreamlands. The Moon is associated with imagination, intuition, queerness, and wildness. As a Scorpio, you are naturally comfortable traversing your own depths, but this moonth may pull back the curtain, revealing that even your depths have unexplored depths of their own. January (and some of February) will possibly produce a sense of coming unmoored from your regularly scheduled programming, but like a balloon that got let go, floating upward is liberating, freeing. Trust in the strangeness and bring some of the Moon's gifts back for us all.


Eight of Pentacles

It's not that you won't be affected by these cosmic energies, because you do live on planet Earth, but, as a Sagittarius, they may seem to happen more in your periphery than in the center of your life. Sagittarius and Taurus tend to fall into each other's blind spots, so Uranus may just leave you well enough alone; you'll have a little more leeway than most to focus on yourself without too much disruption. This is good news, because the Eight of Pentacles suggests you need to get to work.

The Eight of Pentacles is a card that indicates a moment of not just profound productivity but some sort of leveling up in your technique and skill. You can see the person in the card is literally making money. So there's a suggestion of prosperity afoot; but don't be glamoured by the Benjamins—there's something more valuable here than just cold, hard cash. Eights in the Tarot signify evolutions. What's more valuable than coins? Getting better at what you do.

January (and some of February) wants to find you refining your skills and expanding your technique. Whatever your work in the world is, there's an invitation to let it grow. Your experience is leading you toward some sort of new, uncharted territory. And the only way you'll reach it is by staying busy at work. But let me be clear, work isn't always the thing you do for survival. The Eight of Pentacles has as much resonance with painters and poets as it does with blacksmiths and Etsy-shop owners. Perhaps your hobby, your side-hustle, your secret passion is the place in which this evolution is taking place. And if you follow where it leads you, you might find your side-hustle becoming your main squeeze.


BRANDON ALTER is a spiritual healer, Tarot reader, Astrologer, mystic and writer living in Los Angeles. He is passionate about sharing spiritual tools that have helped him reconnect to the wisdom of his heart. Brandon is a thoroughly trained healer and teacher who co-hosts The Spiritual Gayz with his husband, a twice-monthly podcast dedicated to exploring the wide reaches of spirituality, without pretending that it all makes sense. Brandon’s mom took him to his very first psychic when he was seven and gave him his first Tarot deck when he was eleven. Since then he has devoted himself to the study of Tarot, Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Astrology and the myriad ways one can work and heal with the help of the spirits.

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