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Holding On to Ourselves For Dear Life

By Brandon Alter:

Perhaps you’ve been feeling it too, this cultural demand to brand yourself. To figure out your unique stamp and then stamp everything you see with it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun at first. Turning everything you see into your version of reality. But after a while, it starts to require a lot of your energy. Maintaining your sense of self for other people is probably one of the quickest ways to exhaust yourself. You don’t have to constantly define yourself. You don’t have to constantly defend yourself. You can just let life show you who you are, each day, each moment, each sacred breath.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m getting tired of holding on to myself in this way. The truth is, being who you are should be less work, not more. Uncovering your authenticity demands grace, not force. And I’m discovering lately that the more I let myself go, the more of myself I find.

Authenticity isn’t frozen like an ice cube, it’s fluid like a river.

And who we are will keep changing, flowing forward, revealing new horizons. It’s the natural way. Change visits us all. Maybe today you can surprise yourself with yourself.

Maybe today the RIVER OF YOU opens up into a brand-new clearing.

Maybe it cascades over a waterfall.

Maybe it reunites with the great ocean.

But not if we keep holding on to ourselves so tightly.

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