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Flapper Press Poetry Café: 2023 Autumn "Poetry in a Snapshot" Contest!

By Flapper Press:

Flapper Press Poetry Café

Now Accepting Submissions

2023 Autumn "Poetry in a Snapshot" Contest

As easy as 1-2-3 to submit:

1. Explore your world. Take an interesting original photo.

2. Write a poem inspired by your photo.

3. Send both your photo and poem to:

4. Subject Line for Your Submission:

YOUR NAME—2023 Autumn Poetry/Photo Contest & Date


Sally Brown—Autumn Poetry/Photo Contest 10.15.23

Deadline: November 15, 2023

Please read & follow all of the Submission Requirements for the best chance to be selected.


You have questions? We have answers!

Question: May I use any form of poetry?

Answer: Rhyming or non-rhyming, your choice of form.

Question: Should I send a separate .jpg image, do I embed the image from the poem, or have both in the same document?

Answer: In the same email, please attach a separate high-res .jpg along with your poem.

DO NOT embed the image in the same document as your poem; i.e., do not place the photo in the same Word document but do attach it in the same email. You MUST submit both the poem AND the photo.

Question: How many poems may I submit?

Answer: You may enter up to 3 original poems with 3 original photos; HOWEVER, send a separate email for each submission.

Question: How many poets will be selected?

Answer: FIVE selections will be published and awarded $25 for each selection.

Question: Must I be the one who takes the photo?

Answer: Yes. Be creative.

Question: Must I be the one who writes the poem?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can the photo be of a work of art?

Answer: Only a work of art that is your own creation.

Question: If I have won a Flapper Press Poetry Café contest before, may I submit again?

Answer: YES!

We look forward to your work!

Now go take a photo and write a poem!


Presenting a wide range of poetry with a mission to promote a love and understanding of poetry for all. We welcome submissions for compelling poetry and look forward to publishing and supporting your creative endeavors. Submissions may also be considered for the Pushcart Prize. Please review our Guidelines before submitting!

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