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Flapper Press Interviews CP Social Content

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

By Derek May:

We here at Flapper Press love to champion small-businesses, and it's a special pleasure when we get to do it for a friend. Chelsea Perez has been helping me along my journey healing through injury for years now, but she's finally stepping onto an even larger stage where she can help even more people in a very different way. Taking the leap to startup her own design and marketing business—CP Social Content—Chelsea is ready to fly!


DM: Hi, Chelsea! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. We’ve known each other now for a few years, since I first came to you for help with my shoulder issues. You’ve had quite a journey since then! But before we get into all that, tell us a little about yourself.

CP: Hi, thank you for reaching out. Where do I even begin? Let’s see, I am someone who LOVES the mountains (they are my happy place), my pup, Arabella, and loves to read nonfiction books. (If any of you have any good nonfiction books, send them my way!)

DM: How did you end up in San Antonio, Texas?

CP: So, I grew up in a small town, Blessing, Texas. After graduating college, I wanted to experience living in a bigger city. I have always loved San Antonio. When I got a chance to work here, I took the leap and moved back in 2016!

DM: When we first met, you were a physical therapist assistant. What first drew you to the PT field?

CP: Yes, I was a physical therapist assistant. My younger brother’s experience actually drew me to physical therapy. When my brother was born, he had a traumatic birth that led to many surgeries and tons of both physical therapy and occupational therapy. They would ask me to help “play” with him, and I remember thinking, That’s so cool! These people get to play all day.

DM: For a very long time, I saw you constantly with your books, studying like crazy, and working long hours to continue your physical therapy studies, but at some point you decided to change career tracks. What made you take such a huge step?

CP: Oh yes! Those were the days. All the studying, tests, and late nights. To give you a little context . . . I had decided to go back to school to become a physical therapist. PT nowadays is a doctorate level, so it was going to take me 3–4 years to finish. At that time, I attended a personal growth conference in which I asked myself if this was really what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure, so instead of jumping into mounds of debt, I decided to take a semester off to explore. I ended up working for a nonprofit. My position there was really cool because I was exposed to EVERYTHING. I got the chance to learn business strategy, marketing, fundraising, event planning, and so much more!

So, to give you a timeline, this is now 2019. I am working both at the nonprofit and the physical therapy company. Then BAM, COVID-19 hits. My life was flipped upside down. I’m sure you all can relate. When life comes to a halt, you have plenty of time to learn how to bake bread, start a garden, and reflect—reflect on where you are in life and what really matters most.

That’s exactly what I did. I took the time to assess every aspect of my life. I came to a few realizations:

I don’t HAVE to settle for a secure job. (At the time, my physical therapy company wasn’t meeting my expectations on how to handle the COVID crisis, especially with patient care.)

I LOVED what I was doing at my nonprofit job.

My creativity is a powerful tool that I need to share with the world.

With those 3 realizations, I decided I wanted to open my own company! That was the beginning of my mission to leave both my physical therapy job and later on my nonprofit one.

Long story short, I gave myself the time to ask myself, “Is this what I really wanted to do?” and I gave myself the chance to try something new!

DM: Recently, you’ve begun yet another new venture. Tell us about CP Social Content.

CP: Yes, this is my digital marketing business! As I said above, I realized I wanted a space for me to share my creativity with others. Throughout 2020, I began to work with a few businesses. I truly did enjoy this! So much so that in January 2021, I decided to go all in! I am now working full-time in my business. As the business has grown, I have been drawn to business strategy and graphic designing. I really love brainstorming with clients on ways to grow their business by giving their customers what they really want. Then, on the flipside, I get to help make that content come to life! Honestly, that’s the best part. Being able to create my client’s vision.

Again, I am able to share my powerful tool of creativity, which I am beyond grateful for.

DM: You offer a wonderful variety of services. What sort of businesses do you cater to most? How does your approach differ between new and established businesses?

CP: One of CP Social Content’s core values is “CPSC only works with clients who keep their customers first and stay true to their mission.” What this means to me is that I will work with any business as long as they keep focus on what really matters most, because if there is a disconnect then it will show in the work that’s produced. I also factor in if our style matches up.

I feel like CPSC approaches marketing differently because my goal is to create a strategy that is simple but effective; meaning, we will create a roadmap that allows you to execute each component instead of trying to do it all just because that’s the standard.

DM: Looking at your website, I get the sense that there are really two main aspects: helping develop the design of a business and then getting it out there, marketing through various avenues. How important is it that the two work together?

CP: It makes life so much easier for my client, because not only does it save time, but the vision is carried from start to finish. I also enjoy working with clients one-on-one, allowing me to truly understand why they started their business.

DM: For businesses potentially overwhelmed by how to begin marketing themselves, what advice would you give to start?

CP: Don’t overcomplicate it. Take it one step at a time. It’s better to focus on one goal and execute it than to try to jump into it all.

DM: What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting your own business?

CP: Do something that scares you EVERYDAY. Many times, those scary things are your greatest moments of grow.

DM: I’ve seen firsthand some of graphic design work you’ve done. Have you always had an artistic eye? How would you describe your artistic approach, and what sort of art are you most attracted to?

CP: Ever since I was little, I loved to create anything and everything—anywhere from sewing to photography. It just something that brings me so much joy.

I would say my approach is to dive right in and figure it out! I often joke that I attend YouTube University, but it is so true. Learn the basics, then try your own version.

As far as what type of art am I attracted to, I would say I am attracted to minimalism. There is something so powerful in creating emotion with little to no “fluff.” I also find abstract to be fascinating, but I think that’s because I find it difficult to get to that level of creativity.

DM: We’ll be talking again soon about some of your other projects. Until then, anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

CP: Don’t be afraid to ask yourself, “What truly brings me joy?” and to follow your heart!

Thank you for joining me as I share my story! I am truly thankful. I also would like to connect with you! Find me either on Instagram @meet_cp or TikTok @meet_cp.


​Derek May,a native of San Antonio, TX, is editor-in-chief for Flapper Press. He has written nearly 50 movie reviews for and completed 13 original feature film and television screenplays, many of which have been winners or finalists in such prestigious competitions as the Walt Disney and Nicholl Fellowships, the Austin Film Festival, and the Creative World Awards. He served as a judge for 10 years for the Austin Film Festival and Texas Film Institute screenplay competitions. His latest project has been the highly acclaimed stop-motion animation fan series Highlander: Veritas, currently in production on its second season.

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