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Everything is Already Over

By Brandon Alter:

Your pleasure, your pain, this moment, this relationship, this life—things seem eternal but then they end. And the question I keep asking myself is: was I completely present for it? Did I breathe in the medicine or was I just waiting for it to pass?

So much travel for me this month. So much hurry up and wait. So much magic and so much of the mundane. And the weddings, the premieres, the big moments come and then they’re over. And it breaks my heart to think one day my whole life will be over too.

You don’t have to reach old age to feel in your bones how fast this whole thing goes. So here’s the teaching:

No matter the scale of your experience it will be over before you can absorb it, so just try to enjoy it.

Even the job you can’t wait to leave, the party that goes on too long; you’ll wish you had one more day, one more hour, once that portal closes. This ain’t new. And this ain’t my original idea. It’s just the deepest truth of being human.

Not only is EVERYTHING TEMPORARY, everything is already over. It all happens so fast. It all happens at the same time as it ends. So suck the marrow out of every moment. Because you’ll never know how badly you needed that breakdown, that struggle, that sweet celebration until you’ve traveled long past it.

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