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Every Little Thing—Do you like trivia? Do you like puns? Do you like knowing that out there in the world are other people who like trivia and puns? Have I got the podcast for you! ELT features host Flora Lichtman investigating listeners “Factual Emergencies” each week. Almost as impressive as some of the guest experts they get on the show is Flora’s ability to turn anything into a forehead slap-worthy joke. It’s funny and informative, like that kooky teacher you had in middle school that made dry subjects palatable. No question is too small or too random. One listener called in and hummed a few bars to a song he had stuck in his head but he couldn’t remember the name of. The ELT team not only figured out the song, they interviewed the composer and made some interesting points on music and nostalgia and, well, made everybody cry. In a good way.

Review by Anne Trominski

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