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All My Hexes—Shout out to some of my local San Antonio kids doing the thing! Dungeon and Dragons style role-playing games (RPGs to those in the know), and board games in general, are enjoying a resurgence in popular culture. As such, many a podcast is out there to rate and review games, but also let the games drive their narratives for your listening pleasure. Listed as an “Actual-play” podcast, the story and characters of Hexed, Texas are driven by game master Bernetta McFergus and, literally, the role of the dice. Not only is it a fascinating introduction to RPG culture, it’s got a great monster-of-the-week format ala X-Files or Supernatural. Don’t think you’ll just be listening to geeks debate points on character sheets, I’ve gotten caught up in the mystery and often laughed out loud at the characters’ antics.

Review by Anne Trominski

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