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I could easily do a list of just real crime podcasts, there are quite a few to choose from out there and they are addictive and compelling. The one I’m listening to right now is one of my favorites: Accused. Accused follows Cincinnati Enquirer reporters, led by Amber Hunt, as they investigate a cold case each season. The name of the show comes from season 1 and 2 where each case had a suspect who was accused of the murder by the police, only to be acquitted later. In both cases, the investigation came to a halt when the most likely of suspects was cleared. This season is a little different in that it features a death that was ruled a suicide but many believe was actually murder. I like Accused because I think it represents what investigative journalism should be, a hard look at something most of us are ignorant about. Don’t expect neat conclusions, but do expect hard stories that are expertly and respectfully told.

Review by Anne Trominski

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